Friday, August 31, 2007

Please remember the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It was 2 years yesterday.
The Gulf Coast Region still needs so much help, time, volunterrs and money in order to rebuild. Prayers are welcomed and very much needed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's about time someone else saw it the way that I do!!!!!
Flo is visiting and my tummy hurts. Can;t I stay home tomorrow????
I have a long day tomorrow as we have open house tomorrow night. Yikes. I will be dragging on Friday!
Nothing great or exciting here. Our air was out for 3 hours again this morning. Can I say *HOT*?
May you all have fond fluffy dreams of ones you love and of the ones that *LOVE* you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ronnie, KIx, Alan and Jake

OK. I had a GREAT weekend. Angel and I drove to Birmingham for Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson and Jake Owen. It sprinkled rain on us driving and during the first 45 minutes of the show. We actually welcomed the rain because it brought the temperatures down outside. It was at an Amphitheater. Our seats were PHENOMENAL. We had fourth row dead center. I couldn't have asked for a better present for my birthday than for my favorite voice and look to sing to me. My face still hurts from smiling. Jake Owen is HOT! I had heard some of his music, but never seen him physically. Can i say YUM?
Brooks and Dunn performed second...and Ronnie just sang his heart out. MY GOD DO I LOVE THAT MAN. He played me everything...he has an extrodinary TENOR voice. He just makes me weak at the knees.
Angel drove us in her convertible, so the wind blew us cool fresh air on the drive home. We had the cutest cop directing traffic. If you haven't picked up on my personality just yet, I am a say what I think kinda gal. Well....We were in a dead stop and I saw the wedding ring but said to the officer "Damn, your wife is a LUCKY woman" . He actually blushed and said in a SWEET Southern Drawl, "I sure do appreciate that" .
We made it home about 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Well, I got the notion in my head that i wanted to go to the show they were preforming in Atlanta the next night. I got on line and found through a ticket broker 4 th row seats again. They were however on the left side of the stage. But since the show was in less than 24 hours, they were selling them at FACE VALUE.
So we slept about 6 hours and hopped back into the car and drove to Atlanta for the show Sunday night. I managed to watch sweat just glisten down his face....Can I tell you he is the man I want to have children with? He was just perfect! So, I get the man of my dreams for the whole weekend. Sat and Sun night....both nights great seats. It was a good ok, a GREAT weekend.

Well, It's Tuesday morning and I'm at work. *tired still* but here. Yesterday we were out of A/C. Can you imagine a room full of hot sweaty students and NO AIR. It was a miserable mess.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I truly love these men. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than to hear Ronnie Dunn sing to me. It's late and I have to be at work in less than 6 hours.

May I sleep well, have Brooks and Dunn dreams and survive tomorrow.

Good night!

Friday, August 24, 2007

And many more...happier ones I hope

Yep, here I am. It's Saturday and my freaking birthday.

I'm wishing myself a hell of a birthday. I'm not to thrilled about turning another year older. See how excited I am!


I go to the concert tomorrow night, but other than that my life is DULL and boring. I am the picturesque old cat lady.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My sentiments.

Happy Friday. I guess.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MY HEAD HURTS!!! When I woke up this morning, my eyes hurt! I mean right around my eyes feel swollen...and puffy.

The day was ok. One of our students really made our science teacher MAD. Yep, the real winner usually start acting out right about now. I gave out my first detention of the year today.

I had my buddy B come over and help me unhook ALL the freaking wires I was counting on Direct TV to fix last weekend. I called the local cable co and told them they would have their boxes Sat. Well, it's now Thurs, so they will get them today. He helped me unplug them and set up shop so to speak. Then I had a hair appointment with Rodney. He cut off several's a big deal to me but not to other people. I just don't think I will ever be able to have my hair above my shoulders. I just don't think I have it in me.

My kitty Destiny is up on my computer desk as I am typing this butting me in the head for *lots of love* He is so incredibly awesome.

Ok Tylenol here I come....tomorrow I will have a bitch session. Bridezilla.

HUGS!!! and yeah and Kitty Kisses from Destiny~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

<---------This is totally what I need.

I have an "issue" weighing heavy on my brain. However, I just don't have the energy to type for long. I'm mulling over it all day.

I'm going to see Rodney my hair dresser tomorrow after work. I wanna take a few inches off of my length. I want more volume, which he intoduced me to 2 new products for volume on our last session. I like them both...but I know if I took a couple of inches off it might be a subtle change. We shall see.

Have I told you I like the 2 teachers, I am working with. Lord have mercy does that make a HUGE difference.

I have so many kids coming to see me each morning and afternoon from last year. It makes me feel good that we have such a connection. I really do enjoy the age of sixth graders.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tuesday's thought for the day!

Well, class at the college went alright. There will be work in it (a bunch)...and a presentation. The teacher is ok. I have mixed views on her. It is a cataloging and classifying course.

My kids are presenting theor autobiographies tomorrow. It should be interesting. Fun to grade and listen to anyway!

It's still so hot here. Can I say ICK?

No news here. Romeo wasn't home when I pulled in at 8. He must really be in love with her. Yes, I am still complaining.

Off to see the latest on the HANGING of Michael Vick. He is pleading guilty. I wish they still did hangings on the courthouse lawn. He deserves no less.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

First, I should Thank all of you for turning in your Adjective assignment from last week. I was grateful for your support and that you actually found some humor in my blog. Most of the time I feel like ALL I do is bitch!
Well, as I start another bitch session. Tomorrow my Grad classes start up again. The only class I am taking is on Mondays. Well, at school Mondays are our meeting days after school. I am stuck at school until at least 5:00. This class starts at 5:00 Luckily, I work about 5 minutes from the college, order to park and such I need to leave by 4:45. I told my boss. He said ten minutes til was ok. THANK GOD he cancelled any meeting we might have tomorrow. Mondays suck to begin with but to feel THAT rushed isn't a good thing on the first Monday of class. The other bummer news, Cathy one of my classmates from this summer emailed me and she dropped the class. *sigh*. We worked so well together. She is taking a Multicultural Literature class in the Spring and I am scheduled for it as well. I have another friend from summer supposed to be in the class, but Cathy and I were closer. Oh well.
Romeo hasn't been home all weekend. I paid attention and I know I shouldn't have! I guess he's been with Juliette. *frown*
I did manage to get a few things around the house taken care of Laundry and dishes and cooking) ....I pulled out two garbage bags of clothes from my CLOSET yesterday while I was waiting on the Direct TV kid. One of my best students got into out best high school this year. Her mom came and talked to me on Registration day several weeks ago. She fussed and moaned about spending over 100 bucks on her daughter wardrobe and how fat she was. She told she was the only one who could change her weight. Well, I have the 2 bags in my car and I will drop them off to her house later this week. There are a few tops I know she will want....(because I am cool like that) = P
I get my concert This Sat!! Yeah...I'll be "Boot Scoot and Boogieing" under a "Neon Moon" near the "Chattahoochee" "Remembering When" only "In America" hoping to find a "Hillbilly Deluxe" who can sing "I Believe" and can appreciate the "Love of a Woman". you're not a country music fan, but I assure you...these are awesome tunes!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yes, here I am. I waited around ALL damn day for Direct Tv people to show up. I even called to make sure they were coming. My appt time was between 1-5. Well, at 4:45 a guy shows up and we spend 15 minutes outside attempting to find a good place for the dish to actually go that he and I can agree on. He was a sweet kid...but truly a kid. He tells me this is his first week out in a truck by himself. Gotta tell you that made me a bit nervous. Well, he gets inside and brings 3 boxes. Turns out they didn;t get the order right. He spent an hour on the phone---most of it on hold mind you. Then I spent 30 minutes trying to straighten things out. Lets just say after LOTS OF PATIENCE on MY PART. They have to come back with the right equipment and they can't do that for 2 MORE weeks. I called and got rid of everything but basic from Media com yesterday...telling myself I would 250 channels with Direct. Well NO SAINTS GAME for me tonight, or NEXT weekend.

I'm pissed off.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This could be the father of my children. Yes....It's official. I love him!
He's singing to me for my birthday. *Yeah* The ONLY downside is that he has to do it outside in this MASSIVE heatwave. I will be a HOT bitch and not in the way I usually get when I have him in front of me.
Hence, I have just purchased 2 hand's a clip on fan (both are battery operated). They better be here by Friday. The concert is Sat in Birmingham. Rach will you be going?????
I made it through the week at work and everyone survived. wow.
Tommorrow Direct TV comes to my house for an installation. I will NOT miss another SAINTS game. I can hope my installer is cute, single and well equipped.
Ladies...get your mind out of the gutter. I hope the installer can mount it correctly. The dish that is....and provides me with proper instruction for the remotes, DVR, and life's road map.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am just getting in from a birthday dinner with 5 friends. I am feeling a bit sad. My buddy T that has found love recently, really was my best buddy. There was NO romance involved with us. We just has this buddy relationship. We're both single, and enjoy dining out and shopping. So we spent 3 days a week doing things. Tonight was the second time I have seen him since Fourth of July/ His new love was there tonight. I like her and I want him to be happy, but damn do I miss just having him available to call. HE WAS ALWAYS AVAILABLE! She has moved in completely. I'm not jealous, I just feel alone.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yes, it's me. See how the sun is affecting me and my tired butt! OMG can I scream about how miserable it is outside. I walk out of my house and feel as though I have stepped into a free SAUNA without the positive perks you would find at a Spa. Why aren't I melting all of this fat off of me????

I had dinner with a friend and scheduled dinner with a few other friends for her Birthday on Thursday. I got her a gift certificate for a facial with my favorite girl. She is in desperate need.

10 more days and I get Ronnie Dunn, Kix Brooks and Alan Jackson singing to me, Yeahhhh, if only it was at an inside venue. You know I am crazy about this man to stand outside for 2 1/2 hours and hear him sing ....well, at least my face will be well hydrated as the drool rolls down my chin. (Yep, I still have a sixth grader hiding inside of me). You have to leave me to dream, I am after all SINGLE.

Do you think if I went naked , I could get people to leave around me(they would run in horror) and I'd be less of a sweat machine? Just a random thought.

OK your task for the day is to come up with three adjectives to describe ME.

Then you have to come up with 3 adjectives to describe my blog.

It is now 12:30 a.m. and my alarm will be going off in 7 hours....I will cry when it does. Send me sound sleep with happy dreams. Thank you!
May your Hump day be an EASY ride = p

Monday, August 13, 2007

MY FEET HURT!!!!! See I am all swollen...HELP HELP HELP

I am alive...the kids are too, I guess this is a good thing. Right?

It's too early to tell, but they seem ok so far. I have a couple that will work my nerves, but for the most part so far so good.

Have I told you my feet hurt yet? I need a good man to rub them.

Send me one good looking sugar daddy . I'll wait......

Nothing exciting here. Romeo was home when I got home, but I was too tired to even look in the direction of his house. He was gone all weekend. Ya'll I think it is a lost cause. I get the feeling he's comfy with his G'friend. I mean he's over there ALL the time. I also think he's not big on change ....I'm just plain worn out. I also wanna give up on men. I think I should only love the gay ones. (even they can work your nerves though)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm sleepy and needing to get in bed soon. Tomorrow will be a really LONG day for me! Wish me luck and LOTS of energy!
I did errands today. Can you believe that my school did not supply me with an eraser for my board??? This is just a small gripe. I could post for days, but I am just too tired!
I have oodles to do before I sleep.
We got a heavy rain shower this evening. It was much needed. It is SOOOOO HOT! My air is running non stop.
I have busy week. A friend has a B'day and I have to make plans for her. I have long hours at work all this week. I have Direct Tv coming Sat...I will NOT miss another SAINTS game.
Next week, I have another class at the college starting. I'm feeling a bit over extended.
Hope Monday is quick and I get good kids!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was smart when I came to school and moved what I needed too! I also did some decorating, so I am not feeling the crunch that so many others are feeling. I am some what on target. Don;t get me wrong, I still have a few places to decorate and paperwork to get together.

Do you have one super secret that you have to make you more beautiful? Hair, makeup, jewels, nails, skin.......
My best secret, a girl at a pharmacy told me was to heat your eyelash curler with a lighter after you have put your mascara on and then curl...(careful not to burn your lid, and let your mascara dry for just a minute before curling) but I hold it for a minute or two and my lashes are vibrant!
So what kinda info can you share?????
I have orientation tonight *meow*. So I will be back at school at 7.......however, I have dinner plans with a co worker and gotta run home and change....
It is predicted to be 102 degrees today. Will the heat MELT away some of my pounds away???

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

School is dragging today. Parents are just trickling in after they rushed us at 9:00. I wanna go back to bed!

Got my mind on Romeo. My head just tells me leave him alone. My other body parts say give him a week or so, find a concert (I have already looked and found a couple that would suffice) and call him. I was hoping he would come see me. He told me he was nervous when he was at my place. He also said he felt like he was taking a chance by just coming over. I said twice "I'm Glad you are here".

I should have told him I thought he was handsome. I didn't feel all that attractive with no make up and not an good outfit. Ya''ll, I want to go out with this guy!!!!!!!! At least, I want to opportunity to date him and see if we are compatible.

What can I do??????

I asked him for his number, cause I told him I felt uncomfortable coming over to G'mas house. He didn't ask me for mine = + ( DAMN IT!!!

******New Day******

It's Wed now, I typed the above yesterday...and didn't publish. After work yesterday, I ran some errands and picked up mascara--it is the best I have used PRESCRIPTIVES--"False Lashes". The new teacher on my team just had a birthday, so I picked her up a tart burner and yankee candle tarts in a variety of scents. I also got her a lavendar candle (she said she likes the scents). The entire grade level went to a local mexican place for lunch. It is now 3 o'clock and I am just getting to my room......

After all of my shopping last night, I got up, unpacked my car and walked to the end of my drive way to get my I walked back to my garage Romeo came out and walked over. We spent an hour and a half talking. You know I like him if I STAND OUTSIDE in this HEAT, just to talk.

Monday, August 06, 2007

What do I do next if anything?

Well....I made it through the first day of school. I am sleepy though. Lots of meetings today. I spent 30 minutes in my classroom. *sigh*

My main mental stuff today was thinking..or trying to talk myself out of liking the guy "Romeo" across the street. Yesterday, I cleaned and vacuumed the house and did some laundry. Well, about 1 o'clock I broke down and called Greg (he works with Romeo---he's a good friend of *T's.*) Now mind you I called him twice this week. But, I got his voice mail and said, will you just call me back and leave me Romeo's number on one of my phones. I sat down (but fortunately, I rolled my hair first because I planned on having dinner with *A*. 1:30 my door bell rings...I think it's my aunt and automatically go to my back door that leads to my garage. No. other car in my drive way. Mind you, I am in my bra and I throw on a black dress with a blue collar and run to the door. Well, Romeo is 1/2 way down my sidewalk. I was surprised. (Hello i had ...and had sunglasses on top of my head because i had not yet brushed the curls out of my hair after rolling it. (At least I didn't have rollers still in). I invited him in. He's only been in the front yard. I was a bit miffed cause I know I looked crappy. At least I only had one blind to my sun room open and the Venetian blinds at the breakfast table open...

Ok rather than type out 5 or 6 paragraphs, let me sum it up. Then people like BG, Rach, Christine and Mick can tell me their thoughts.

Bad-negative aspects in black, a flip side in red............

1. He has a girlfriend. They have been dating almost a year.

2. He said he feels a bit smothered and isn't sure where it's going.

3. He has been separated for 16 months and divorced for 13.

4. The ex wife had the gastric by pass surgery, lost 100 pounds had some plastic surgery done, and then cheated on him. When he confronted her, she picked up her stuff and left him. 3 months later she was pregnant and remarried. He felt devastated. They were married 17 years. No kids.

5. He's a guitar player hence we talked about music 2 hours easy. We definitely have that in common.

6. His G'ma has fussed at him by saying "Why aren't you dating the girl across the street instead of who you are seeing". (Go G'ma!!!)

7. He said he was flattered last week when he found out he was the topic of conversation at work. Greg asked his boss what Romeo's dating status was and was he available. His boss tells him this Wed. Well, come Friday the boss says....'So why aren't you dating the girl that lives across the street from you? I hear she's cool". Romeo is like Umm..How do you know about the girl across the street. Well, she's a teacher and her name's Rebecca. So how serious is it with the girl you are seeing...???????

8. He said I do love her, but I'm just not sure where it's going. Can we start off as friends?

9. He said, I want you to know I have noticed you for several months now. I've seen you mow your grass and I have seen a few guys at your place, so I thought you were dating. He described 2 of the guys. (Hey he checked them out pretty well to give descriptions) It ends up he was talking about *B* my gay friend and I explained that. The other one I think is *A*. Rebecca, I think you're a pretty girl.
(I covered my face and said, I am so sorry I don;t have make up on. He says "you're pretty with or without the make up. "

10. I asked him if we could do dinner or a concert sometime. He said "No, dinner would be a date", a concert we could do.

I'm confused, and disappointed.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Well. I feel exactly like the pic says....I'm a bit smiley....but on the other hand definately, a bit frowny.
Work starts tomorrow.... (frown)
My Saints play 1st preseason game and everyone in Louisiana gets to see it, and the ABC affilate is not playing it here (frown)
I found some cool cheap clothes yesterday (smile)
Mom starts radiation tomorrow (frown)
I got my Brooks and Dunn with Alan Jackson 4th row center tickets in the mail this weekend (smile)
My doorbell rang about 1:30 today (SMILE)
I got good(smile) and bad news(frown)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My thought as my weekend draws to a close. I have Sunday...and my world is turned upside down a bit. YIKES--I don't wanna work. EVER
I drove to Atlanta this's tax free weekend for us on clothes, shoes, school supplies. computers and such. I went to a couple of malls.
I stopped at my uncles in Newnan. He had a stroke a few yrs back and lives in an assisted living place. I spent a few hours with him. He feels really confined, coming from 500 acres. Hell, I would too.
Talked to Greg again. He talked to Romeo, apparently he's dating that chic still, but said it's not serious. Greg told him I was asking about him and that I said he was never home. He told Greg, nah she is never home. Seriously, in the last 2 months our timing is TOTALLY off.
Greg asked him well, she asked if you were seeing anyone and wanted to know if it was serious, what do you want me to tell her? He said "I'll handle it". Tell her, I'm interested....
Well, I got home from Atlanta at 5...came in put my stuff up. Ran an hour later came back...(mind you my garage door is open, he knows I'm home) and then cleaned house some...I decided I wanted pizza and no one was available to go out, so I went and sat at a local family owned pizza place all by myself. I wanted to invite him since his truck was home....but I figured he knows I am interested, so it;s his turn. DAMN why do men move so slow when you want them to do something?????
Hence, tis why I am still single. MEOW
I am added this 3 hours after I posted what's above ~
***News*** It's now 12:30a.m. and I poked outside...Romeo is now gone....guess he went to girlie's place, why would he go out with the guys after 11:30???
I give.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My thoughts for the day. She really does scare me. Lock her up in a pit with Michael Vick and let her chew on him for a bit. I really hope they convict that SOB.

My feet hurt. My mind is torturing me with thoughts of going back to work. I almost think a year round school might be better. I would work 10 weeks and get 3 off. At least this way I could actually take a vacation during fall and enjoy the cooler weather. And ya'll after 2 months off....for me being able to stay up late and not have to get up for an alarm. sniff sniff, I'm in pain just typing this~

I have 3 days til work starts again. *SIGH* It's not the kids I mind so much, its a few of the people I work with and all the b.s. paperwork we have to do.
Tomorrow, I go to get pampered with a massage and a facial. It will only run me 40 bucks. The school that I go to only opens I can't go back until Thanksgiving break. *SIGH*

I went shopping tonight to a new cosmetic store--ULTA -- they have Redken, Biolage, Vera Wang, Dolce perfume...and I am so proud. I didn't buy a thing!!!! (trust me this was an amazing feat)

I did go to Sam's earlier with a friend and bought a fan for my classroom. I also went to Lane Bryant and bought a top...comments???

I get more compliments from people when I am in blue....than any other color. I tend to like earth tones.(dark greens, plum, rust, chocolate and of course black)..but society seems to like me in deep blues. Hence, I am trying to make myself look better. After all, I am in search for my PRINCE.

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yes. I feel this way. I spent all day doing stuff. My tummy still feels kinda funky. BLAH BLAH BLAH

My buddy *B* and I had lunch at the best place in town. I had pepto before and after the meal. I had boiled shrimp and okra. I didn't want to try anything spicy.

We picked up a file cabinet from my aunt's place and went to school dropped it off and my computer. He helped me do some room stuff. Unfortunately, during this process, I discover that my GRAMMAR books are missing (mind you I moved them last week and but them on book case shelves along with my Literature books. ) This bitch I call "Hitler" must have come in my room and moved stuff. I went to my principal he says well call so and so....

Ummmm HELLO---why was anyone but the custodians in my classroom to begin with???


I met up with my buddy *T* and Jim and Judy. Jim and T used to work together. Jim comes to my work and fixes our copier...He's a genius in that respect. His wife has back cancer and has just finished round 3 of Chemo. So Jim and I talked a bit about my mom and his wife's treatment. We met at the local mexican place...i just sipped on a 7-up while they ate. My tummy had enough at lunch. *T's* new love didn't come with us.

My stupid ass...turned my sprinkler system on at like 8:30 and at 11:00, I realized I had not shut it off. I think I watered the ENTIRE block. DAMN IT!!!

I called one of *T's* friends who knows Romeo across the street (they used to work together). I asked him what he knew. He thinks he's in his mid to late 30's. ( I thought early 40's) He said the divorce was bad...he thinks she cheated on him. They did not have any kids. It has been a year now since the divorce. He was dating someone about 4 months ago--she had 2 kids. He didn't know if he was still seeing her, but he'd try to find out for me tomorrow. (WISH ME LUCK) but he's never here in the evenings...He's at a friends house (I can hope) or a bar...or with her. > = (