Saturday, September 29, 2007

I feel like a damn cow today.

"Flo" is here visiting for starters....

Ok, I had my aunt over here last night she wanted to type some stuff for a family reunion in a week. She doesn't know her way around Microsoft Word, so she comes here for help. Well, I was attempting to change a vacuum bag out last night and she came in to she decides as I am sitting on the floor and rummaging through a box of flip the switch for the vacuum. Well EVERYTHING flies out as I have the bag 1/2 way off...I have the worst head ache sinus ache known to man today.

Second, I don't dream frequently but i woke up SCREAMING this morning at 4 a.m. from a dream. It was awful.

Third, I woke up twice with a charlie horse in my calf twice..apparently before and after the dream. I got up at 8a.m. and ate a banana, knowing the potassium is supposed to help. I have another for tomorrow morning......Any other suggestions from those of you who had had a cramp in the calf???My leg is so sore today.

I got up and got out of the house hoping to get my mind off of head ache my weary body from lack of GOOD sleep and a ache in my calf. I went all over! Target, Lazy-Boy, Rooms to GO, Ashley Furniture, and Big lots. I bought a new coffee table and end pieces from Ashley.

I have a 4th bedroom that I call the Cat I use it for storage, kitty stuff, a bike and my treadmill. I am probably getting a cat door installed tomorrow from my laundry area to my garage so kitties can eat and dump out there..My only concern is when I leave in a morning and my garage door opens. My kitties are inside kitties.....a fear of one of them getting out and getting hurt. IDEAS?????

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy YES I AM!!!
I didn't have a moment peace since I got up this morning.
First, I wanted to throw the alarm across the room when it went off this morning. After I paint my face and get dressed I turn off the bedroom light and boom. I step bare footed into regurgitated meow mix on my hard wood floor....Mind you I have 20 minutes to get to work and it takes me 15 to get there. I get to are crying, others want to talk to me because they trust me from last year. Some idiot wants to start a fight with one of my best girls from last on planning I am seeking out her new teachers and the I have a personal errand to run, one of the counselors needs me, but I have to talk her into tomorrow for an ESOL student before a HELL of a conference we have scheduled for 9:00 a.m. I am trying to leave and get to m y car a student chases me down to tell me she wants me to adopt her......
I make it back in time to lock up my purse sign back in and have kids until 3:30. I have a boy SHOVE a girl into a wall on the way to lunch. I have my annual gyno visit, but he has moved to a new I scatter my bus students to 2 other teachers hop in the car to have it rain on me...but I found his office and have to set up some stuff over the next few weeks...because my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer within this last year. Hence, I am twice as likely.
When I do leave, I am in tears because of the stressful day I have had, the thought and Talk about all of the pain and suffering my mom has gone through in the last year......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do you ever feel like you just can't get enough sleep??? I know I have had a busy few weeks, but damn. I feel like I am 102 years old.

I am going to hop in a shower shortly. I did some running of errands and I am just getting home. *sigh* I have my sprinkler system running as I type this~ I hope to help my yard out a bit, besides I would like full water pressure for me in the shower.

How is tomorrow NOT Friday yet????

Something bit me on the back of my thigh a couple of days ago and my leg has been so sore. I am guessing it might have been a spider....a mosquito would not hurt this much.

Not much but cleaning house in store for me. Wait, I take that back I have TONS of college work to do...papers, critques...and start to think about a PowerPoint presentation. SCREAM....I really want that $5,000 a year pay raise...It will take me 2 more years....but damn it I am an EXPENSIVE lady!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am so busy as of late, I need to apologize to those blogger friends with whom I have not visited as of late.
First of all, I need to say that we REALLY were disappointed that Janet did not join us. She was suppoed to come to meet the man of her DREAMS~ Sir Mick..HE was down a bit over the whole situation.
You already know Sir Mick wore me out this weekend...I mean what an incredible gentleman to take us to Sambuca a modern day, upscale jazz club. We spent a enough time at the bar for several drinks...and listened to the end of the first set. Our saxaphone player was the BOMB! His heart and soul just poured out of that instrument. His accompaning band was almost as talented. Several guys on the keys, a mean guitar player, a spirited bass player and a downright dirty drummer. I bought the CD and had it signed before we left.
We also had a meal there...Mick ordered a steak and seemed quite pleased. I had a shrimp fettucine with a red marina sauce around the bowl. It was YUMMY! I will definately go back to this place! We stayed until the band finished and took a cab back to the hotel. The cab driver scared the hell out of me. I though he would put me through the windshield...and I was sitting in the back seat.

The next morning, Mick induldged me and spent several hours in LENOX mall with me. God bless his patience. I found a shop I have never been in Sephora. I lost my damn mind. It's all skin care, cosmetics and make up. They offer PRADA to Clinique. This is where Mick bought Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue cologne. It smells just YUMMY! I walked out of there with 200 bucks worth of stuff, i definately didn't need, but had to have! Ladies who are familiar with ULTA imagine it 4 times the size with NAME BRANDS of make up.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

<-----------SEE my happy face as the weekend gets here!!! Fridays at 4:00 usually give me such a sense of WHEW! I have a day or two to get some peace and quiet....You know 6th graders can be a bit noisy??? Yes, it's a fact!!!!

It has been a busy last few days for me. I am wiped out!

I went to Atlanta last night and met "White Rose Boy". He has been traveling about as all of his blog readers know. Well, he spent the last week in Atlanta...and I drove up after work Friday.

He is a charming fella ,witty and easy to be with! It was well worth the trip.

I will give more details about our moments in a day or two.

Give the lord a quick shout out that he gets back to England safely on Monday morning!

{{{{hugs}}}} to you Sir Mick!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well do ya?
Sorry not much for words. This weekend took so much out of me. I just wanna sleep but I have so much to do yet!
Dishwasher, schhol stuff, papers to grade, laundry, garbage, DECLUTTER....that alone would take a month. Do you save as much crap as I do? I must have 9 months of magazines to read, mail to throw out, and closets to clean out....I need a week off with motivation!!!!!

Does anyone have information about man made wood rather than natural wood? I want to replace my deck....It is looking sad...and it was made of all natural wood. I want to find something more durable~~~~
I am looking for word of mouth....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ever feel this way?????

Monday, September 17, 2007

OMG---I had a pretty good day with the exception that I could NOT sleep for anything last night. I took a nap yesterday afternoon for 2 hours. I was so busy this weekend, I didn't sit down except to eat.

This was the computer class at another middle school for me today. First, I am all kinds of cranky -- (I'm not lying and hour and a half of sleep last night) Well, I wanted to get there early so I didn't have a funky seat all day with yucky people. I find a spot one side I'm next to a wall the second spot I was saving for P--she is another teacher, I like what I know so far--we have the same subject matter but in different grades.

Well, the guy I have had a crush on since I started teaching there walks in and sits down next to me. Of course, I wasn't going to fuss or say that I was saving that chair. I spent the entire day next to him and finding out that he is REALLY the PERFECT man for me...just one problem. He's married to his high school sweetheart. His nick name has been RocketMan (he teaches Science)

Ladies, when I tell you he's perfect. I mean that from head to toe, but especially between the ears.


He is a retired a Military Col.

He's a take charge kind of guy

He is funny as hell

He owns 200 acres

He's a Christian

His house is 8,000 sq feet

He has all kinds of animals (horse, cows, cats, dogs)

He loves kids (he's not in education for the $$)

He has such a sensitive side that I am fortunate to see

He's tall and football size

Ladies...what a waste..Can you find me a carbon copy????

I'll wait.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Make Up Monday

I have been testing mascara's for several years...I used to swear by Almay's One Coat mascara. Well unfortunately, they stopped making this and now make lengthening and something else...So I switched to Lancome Definicils....however, I wasn't getting the volume I wanted.

So at this moment, I go back and forth between Estee Lauder Magnoscopic


Prescriptives False Lashes . If I had to only use one, I think the False Lashes would win. The brush gives you fullness but it also separates your lashes...that combo is HARD to find.
I had a busy say the very least.
A quick summation:
Radiation with Mom
Linda's wedding
New brake pads on my car
My Saints Lost = (
I'm home and going to I have a computer course all day tomorrow along with 3 other I have a sub at school , as I will be at another school all day.....
Wish me luck and getting a good grasp on this new program.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sleepy Sleepy Yes I am! Mondays are soooooooooo long for me. I have work from 8-5 (we have Monday meetings) and then I have class at the college from 5-9. Can I tell you *YAWN* is all you will be getting out of me???
I am dealing with a co-worker who I really like but is REALLY pissed off at the administration. I can't blame her, for how she is feeling. On the other hand, I have tried to make things better for her, but so much of it is out of my hands. I mean REALLY out of my hands. Any suggestions?
I want to be a kitty cat. I want to be one of my cats!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's Sunday. I was good this morning by doing laundry, dishes and fixing two meals for the week. I also spent 2 hours reading college stuff. I changed sheets and took a nap!

*A* came over last night. We had a lot of fun. I needed it and he did too.

It is going to be a LONG week for me. MEOW. I have meetings each night this week after work. Can you see my SAD face?

I didn't spend any money this weekend! Yeah me!! I need to get caught up after buying this TV set.
Tomorrow, Monday is my 10 year anniversary with Destiny (my sweet, love able, kind, gentle Kitty I rescued from the New Orleans Humane Society. He was the one that was abused and wouldn't eat anything except Lamb or Veal Gerber baby food for his first year with me. He'd only eat it if I painted it on his side, and would lick it off. he was approximately 2 when I got him. My prayers have worked though...he's on to Fancy Feast and sometimes Meow Mix Outdoor. I love him soooooooo much!!!!!
May our Moday go quickly, may we find love in uncanny places and sleep soundly to visions of sugarplums!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

This is my lovable fella Destiny. He likes to hang around on my computer desk as I type. At least he keeps me company!
I am trying to make myself work on college shit. I have lots of reading to do before Monday night, and I just can't seem to get motivated! Scream.
The Direct TV man came this morning. He fixed things I HOPE! This guy was polite and courteous. He seemed to know what he was doing.
I did talk to a few friends and I will have a luncheon in early October when it cools off a bit. That was also a way I am going to try to motivate my lazy butt to get rid of junk I am started to accumulate. I have 3 boxes still from last weekend in my living room floor from Direct TV. I have 5 boxes in my computer room from the end of last school year that I haven't done anything productive with. I did spend an hour tearing up mail this morning. I have 2 boxes and 3 bags of stuff I need to pack and ship overseas for some of our Fort Benning Solders. See...everything I have to do is time consuming. I don't wanna!!!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I really hate it when people disappoint me. *A* was supposed to come over right after work and look at my TV dilemma so I could WAtcH my SAINTS first regular season game at 8:30. I rushed home...straightened up the house just a bit to have him call me and say he had to drop some guys off from work and he was 15 minutes north of me, he lives 20 minutes north east of me now.

I'm just bummed, I was looking forward to it all poor pitiful life.
Well it's half time and the score is tied at 10-10. Saints vs. Colts~ I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Direct TV. The girl I spoke to was sweet, but she's sending a tech out here Sat. I asked for the morning in hopes they would be here by noon.
My allergies have really been bothering my eyes. I work up damn near crying the other morning. I mean they burn a bit and are just irritated! Ughhhh

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. I've got LOTS to read for my night class on Monday. I just wanna hibernate with kitties (I am broke) and read in a peaceful environment.

I did however invite 4 teachers over for a lunch as soon as the temp's get a bit cooler. The 2 new ones that I work with and one that will be leaving us this year and one that I just LOVE!!!!
I want to come up with a fabulous please toss recipes my way of your favorites for a lunch or a dinner during the week.....Starters, meals, salads, desserts????

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I wanna scream. For some reason I can;t get the cable and the direct TV to separate...Meaning I kept basic cable so I could have local channels. Well, I can't get the local channels to work, DAMN IT!!!!

I'm about to go get on the 1 800 Direct line and TRY to resolve this...after all MY SAINTS play their first game tomorrow night on NBC against the Colts who were the Superbowl champs from last year. And....Payton Manning grew up in New Orleans plus his dad Archie used to play for the Saints and still lives there... actually next door to Sean Payton our SAINTS Head coach.

It should be a good game regardless....but I WANNA See it especially since I bought a LCD 1080i Samsung to 46' flat screen to go with the Direct TV. Hell, if I do something I plan to do it right!!!!

Ok...wish me and my SAINTS luck and endurance!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I appreciate the "move on" that I am getting from most of your about Romeo. I think all of you are right...I just get perplexed when I think, If I were in a solid relationship I would not be spending time (6 hours of time) at another ladies house who I knew was interested in dating me. Am I on another planet???? Tell me if I am.

Ok...I really enjoy cosmetics. SO I am going to try to start a MAKE UP MONDAY post. I will ramble off about tips I have learned, I am learning andproducts I like, want to try or have been suggested to me. I get lots of questions about stuff when I post something...So I will try it for a few weeks and see what kind of response I am getting to from you.

When I went to see Rodney my hairdresser he introduced me to 2 products I really like. I have thin hair...and I wanted volume with out the kinky curl that mousse can give you. I have longer hair....and he put just a quarter size in his palm and worked it through my hair roots and an inch into the roots. The short and sexy helped with height, so that my hair is not glued to my head.
The Red bottle is called DENSE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!. It is a spray you use 4 or 5 squirts (comes lout like hairspray) on damp hair and then blow dry and style. This one I know will never leave my vanity. Ulta and beauty salons sell both of these. I have been hooked on Redken for a long time, due to Bridzilla being a hairdresser. I still use some stuff, but not their styling products anymore.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Ok...because of the questions that I received...Yesterday The Direct TV man showed up about 9:30 in the a.m. He spent an hour or so working in my yard from last night, installing the dish and the wires. Well, about 10:30 A lady stops him to ask directions. He sends her to my door, as I give her directions I see Romeo's G'ma, and Mom leaving for church. Well, I knew he was home alone....Then as the TV guy gets to setting things up, I find out I need a power strip in my bedroom. So after tearing up the house looking for one...I call across the street get his voice mail and ask, is there anyway you have an extra extension cord with several outlets laying around that I could borrow? Call me back. About 10 minutes later , he calls says all the ones they have are in use...SO I ask if he would come over and watch my house while I ran to Circuit City to get one. He says sure, He's fresh and clean and over here in 2 minutes. (NOW MIND YOU I AM A BACCALAUREATE AND DID NOT PLAN ON ANY COMPANY OF THE MALE PERSUASION--MY HOUSE IS A WRECK) Last weekend Angel was here for 2 nights with the concert, I spent the morning going through my big pile of junk mail on one of my sofa's... I am not one to make my bed...and I had a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor a silk robe hanging and jewelry all across my dresser...OMG my bedroom was a total PIG sty!
SO I leave him here with the TV man. I RUSH to the store...knowing he is taking a tour of my house ( i know I would have of the situation had been reversed) and tried to get back in a flash.

Well, he ended up just hanging out til 5:30 yesterday afternoon after getting here at 11:00. The TV guy left about 1ish....Romeo seemed to enjoy talking to him and asking him questions about his job and the company. But he just hung out after he left. We sat and talked and talked and talked. He gave me whirls of information about "the girlfriend". They have been seeing each other 13 months now. He says he feels like he would be betraying her trust by doing things with me. He has since changed his mind and said he doesn't think we should go to a concert together. He says' "It only takes one second for things to happen, Rebecca". I was hurt in my marriage with the wife cheating on me, and my girlfriend was hurt too. She has given me a lot of trust. I don't want to break that trust. She doesn't know about you yet". He opened up about a lot of things to me in 6 hours. From his sex life with the ex, to how he enjoys the GF's two daughters, to they kind of house he;d like, to some of the assholes he works with. I mean we covered a HUGE array of topics. I told him I thought it was cool that he felt so comfortable talking to me about this stuff. I mean the ex had a boob job and he was upset about apparently she was a nympho, to his life when he was in a band on the road and the groupies he encountered. He says for so many guys women are just a conquest. I am not one of those guys. (this was refreshing). He seems to be such a sensitive guy. It makes me like him even more.

Well, now it's Monday one thirty and I got up did dishes unloaded the dishwasher and rolled my hair, no make up yet. I see that he's at home on a Monday and I am shocked he's not at her house. I called and left a voice mail asking him to call. It's been 20 minutes, no phone call. I am NOT putting on make up if I simply don't have too. I wanted to ask "So is there anything we can do that you feel safe with today????"
I mean the dinner being a date in his eyes, I am getting to understand. We definately have an attraction factor. BUt the concert, I am a bit thrown off. Buddy Guy is playing in ATlanta this Wed, and I have never seen him, Romeo has several times and loves his blues. He said it's the middle of the week (i get that) but then I am disappointed. I would have felt like hell, but dealt with it for him.
OK..he has the most kissable lips. They look so soft and I want to just lean over and kiss him something fierce. Tell me I am a nut job and it's a hopeless situation. DAMN

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Whew, I feel like I could sit here and type for an hour (i'm not that fast, it would take an hour) . But....since my day did not lend itself to me the way I had planned, I wanna just send a shout out and say hello.

Direct TV came yesterday after 3 phone calls on my part...they guy got here about 6:30 when they said he'd be here between 1-5. I was in a fussy mood after wasting all of my Sat waiting here. Well by 9:30 last night he tells me he will have to come back tomorrow. Hence, he got here at 9:30 this morning and left about 1:00. So much for me sleeping in on Sunday. Anyway, the short of it is, I now have Direct Tv NFL package and will be able to see every SAINTS game as the season start this week. Preseason is over.

The SEC did really well this weekend. LSU beat Miss St 45-0. ALabama , Auburn, Georgia, and Florida all won.

I still have pics of B n D to post from last weekend. I am so behing when it comes to blogging.
Romeo came over this morning and spent 6 hours here. I wish he'd split with the misses. Better yet, I just wish she would split with him.

To direct Tv I go.....
YIPPIEEEE I have tomorrow off!!!!!!!