Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok. Here's how I feel. Yet again I have had a very busy week...and I haven;t made it to blogs...Barngoddess, Mick, Diet Coke, Diane, Angelfish, Cactus...I am missing you too. I am just not home to get online and feel like I am able to surf.
My mom goes home Sat. I have tomorrow to see her. When I left school today, I went and grabbed her. We went to the first pastry shop I found a month or so again. We called and set up a taste test.
I found that I loved her strawberry cake. Her vanilla not so much, but her red velvet was good and her double chocolate was tasty. I LOVED her chocolate whipped frosting. CAN I SAY OMG? She should produce her own "Betty Crocker" shelving of this!
However, as I am aware most wedding cakes are white/yellow....with a few smatterings thrown in for splashes of color. My mom was She will call me next week and let me try a caramel cake and her almond cake....(it's kind of a pound cake). I can get 3 square tiers for 250 + delivery. I'll admit she had more flavors than I anticipated. The local bakery by me only had white cake...and I had to pay extra for filling between layers....
I need money.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sorry yet again that I have been away so long in the last month or so...
I ended up missing 6 days of work. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic gel my primary care physician gave me for the pink eye. I ended up going to an opthomologist and getting baush and laumb drops that cleared me up.

I am back at work today... my desk and the amount of paper work is WHEWWWWWW !

My mom came here Saturday. It is the first time she has been here since she was diagnosed with cancer a year and 4 months ago. She is very fragile. Her strength is not up to par neither is her blood cell count. So again, I ask for prayers.

I went for a fitting on my dress yesterday. The corset fits....the boobies have to be altered.

R moved a few things into the garage yesterday. We will have a close call with him parking his mustang in and my honda and his motorcycle.

I will make it around to all my buddies sometime soon...hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am still at home feeling FUNKY!! I went to an eye doctor today. He confirmed it was conjuntivitis. ICK. The gel my primary care guy gave me is apparently irritating my eyes, hence the pain and discomfort. MY EYES HURT DAMNIT.

It ruins everything. It hurts to read for more than a few minutes, my eyes itch. They get blurry and I woke up this morning and laid in bed with a cold compress on both of them.

I have taken 4 days off of work. I feel really behind not to mention using up my sick leave they little that I had~~~ Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I saw my man for a few hrs yesterday but I have asked him to stay away cause I am contagious. I am feeling totally buitchy and whiney!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm home with Pink Eye. I have never had but two of my kids at school had it 2 weeks ago...and now here I am. I took Thursday and Friday off of work. I just feel yukky. I have a antibiotic gel that I put in my eye 3 times a day. I'm just a lovely lady.

No news here, just hanging at home feeling a bit glum. We have Monday off for Presidents day.
Hope you are well and happy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hi Ya'll.
I have been so busy that I haven't taken the time to blog or stop by anyone's blog. I feel totally swamped. At least after the last 2 weeks, I feel as though a few things are accomplished. The church is book and the reception area is too. We have the caterer, my hairdresser has that morning blocked off for my wedding party. I bought a dress, picked out bridesmaid dresses and 3 of the 4 girls have ordered them. My florist has been booked.
On the other hand, no cake yet, no invitations yet (i'm working on them), we need a wedding coordinator and our music is still a bit up in the air. I am waiting on approval from the head minister at the church who has been out of town for a week.
My ring is beautiful. He did really well. It needs a new more flattering mount. But he is definately a keeper!

I have class tonight at the college. Ugh. It doesn't start until just puts me home so late! I have tons of stuff for my class and I need to get with it...just kinda not my priority right now.

I wanna thank you all for your support and well wishes they mean ALOT to me!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

The happy couple!!!
April 12th, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's official!
We are getting married April 12th.
I have been nuts a few weeks now, trying to get myself together. I bought a dress in Atlanta last weekend. I picked out colors and bridesmaid dresses too. I am so blessed to have Tara from Florida, Stephanie from Texas, My sister from Louisiana and Amy from New Orleans standing in my wedding.
Today I have an appointment with a florist.
I met with a pastry chef here. We booked the church and are trying to decide on where to have the reception. We have a few options. There are pluses and minues at each.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Questions I need answered:

What is your favorite church hymn?
Either to hear someone/choir sing that is special and or uplifting.