Friday, June 30, 2006

Life or death

Ten things I simply cannot live without: (tangible)
1. Air conditioning
2. My CD collection
3. My sweet kitty cats (3)
4. Fruit 2 0 (flavored water)
5. Chocolate
5. Yankee Candles
6. Lancome makeup
7. Internet
8. A credit card
9. Nawlins seafood
10. The French Quarter

My three best traits:
1. Loyalty
2. Honesty (sometimes brutal)
3. Passion

My four worst traits:
1. Selfishness
2. Laziness
3. Lack of patience

Will you share yours with me?????

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I feel as if I could be on HGTV this week. My home transformations....oh how I wish Lisa Laporta from designed to see was here! I love her taste in decoration and she always keeps a budget (granted her men work for free)....The installer is here..Jeremy. Have I mentioned that he's HOT*** ?? Well he kinda guy has his own business and drives a Ford F250 super crew 4x4. He's just adorable. Unfortunately he got marred a few weeks ago. Lucky lady! Even my buddy B was like damn girl! I said yes I know...he is gay you know..(B)....So i think i'd have a better shot than B would.

Well the next 2 days will be kitties are in the sun room along with odds and end....of my home.

I have a date with Lew tonight. It's our first and I'm sure it is his first since his wife was killed in a car accident 2 years ago. He's a very sweet wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well my Brazilian wood was dropped off today. AMEN! Can I hear a second???? My buddy B has done so much work with tack strips and ripping up flooring. I have taken him out to dinner every night this week. He is saving me 600 bucks...its the least I can do...
The wood is a bit lighter than I expected... =(

Installers start floor prep tomorrow afternoon and will be here Fri and Sat. I need to sleep and will crash early tonight. I have a date with a guy my aunt set me up with from church tomorrow night. He's a very sweet man. Personality wise we will not have a problem talking....

Send me the winning lotto numbers please. I'd appreciate it. REALLY! I will even share!


MEOW! My flooring is supposed to be delivered today in order for it to acclimate to my home temp before installed. I jave had a HELL of a time with Flooring America. Two guys run the store and one of them is totally incompetent. Gotta tell you once this is over I will never do business with them again. I called their home office yesterday in New Hampshire, spoke with a higher up the food chain...found out the Columbus store owner also owns the Lagrange store. Well...I spoke with him yesterday....I was polite yet firm. I let him know of my dissatisfaction. I said I was a realtor (didnt say in Louisiana and Mississippi) but that word of mouth travels and with me with that background...why would I get them referrals????????

On a lighter note my guest bath is 98% complete. Comments?

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Your Stress Level is: 46%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.


I finally finished the scrap book that i had in my living room for 3 months now. I made it for a co-worker who had a baby back in April. I had some of our students write her letters of advice on how to raise her new daughter Olivia. SOme of the things they wrote were so funny! A couple said be sure and never dangle her over a balcony like Michael Jackson did, one drew her a no no picture of this. Others said don't woop her, just talk to her when she makes a mistake. One said NEVER dance in front of her friends....don't make her eat food she doesn't was just sweet the innocence and laughter kids 11 and 12 can offer.

Teaching this age group can be rewarding. Having the luxury of working with people that you care about and share common goals, aspirations, interests and bitch session with is priceless. I will really miss Hannah and Ben. I hope God leads me through 2006-2007 school year. Send me your prayers.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Well, I spent a few hours at Linens and Things in Newnan yesterday with B. I found a towel set I LOVED! Well two people there didn't think it would match the wall color I have painted in the bath. It's a light lavender with a hint of grey. It's neutral, I think. I need to take the painters tape off and find a drill to hang the fluer de lis towel racks I bought in New Orleans. I bought a light moss green shower curtain yesterday to pick up some of the strip in the towel set. LNT had the shower curtain to match, but I reluctantly thought it would be too much. Well wish me luck!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I went home a week or so ago and saw my oldest friend Linda, we have known each other since kindergarten. She lost her father last year. Well, now her mom is trying to get through Breast Cancer. I went to the hospital with her in Hammond while I was home. Lisa, I can't see her mom making it until Christmas. She looked awful. Of course I couldn't tell Linda that. I'll just keep praying. She is an only child and if she looses her mom no ones left. She's single with multiple cats...I hate to see her in this state of mind.

Second, I ordered new hardwood floors for my dining room, kitchen, living room and hallway. My carpet is funky and old...well the hard wood I had down was parquet. The company I dealt with is Flooring America. The sales guy called me left a message that whenever Jeremy plans to install it, just give him a days notice. Well, while in New Orleans The installer (precision hardwood) calls several times we setup a dat for this past Monday. Jeremy goes over thereto pick up the wood so it can get acclimated to the climate in my house for a day or two before installation...the sales guy says he never called me and that my wood is on back order. So it screws up my trip home, the installers schedule and mine! The installer came last week and tore up the parquet in my foyer and dining room. So Ben and I move furniture all over the house and I'm wanting to lose my mind. Besides that my parents are coming the 1st of July and the wood will not be in until next week. Well, they may just have to stay with Mildred. I am trying to save money 286 bucks if I tear up the carpet in my hallway and in the living room. I'll save another 286 if I can get the linoleum up in my kitchen. But why attempt to do this if I don't have an install date. The house is messy enough! I wanted this to happen...flooring america gave me 3 years interest free financing.

Third, I decided this summer was home improvement time...I stripped the wall of an old lady flower print wall paper in my guest bath. Ben and I had to put some sheetrock mud up in a few places to level where the wallpaper didn't come off so smoothly. After that and sanding walls. We paint and as it dries it turns much darker..I was wanting an apricot peachy color, instead the girl at Sherwin Williams made it too dark and I had HOT PINK walls. I went to Lowes to try and find another color that would look better. It's a greyish/lavender. I have the bathroom 1/2 painted.

Fourth, Mildred is really having problems with her arthritis. She has been going to rehab for her hip 3 days aweek. She is so proper and is not one to complain. The day before I went to New Orleans we had dinner at Cracker Barrel. She teared up and said "Rebecca, I am going downhill and fast." She is using a cane at home but would never let anyone at church see her with it. So, she's battling and her demeanor is just very irritable at least with me. I can understand why....but it's still tough.

With Hannah gone and Ben forced to leave...I'm feeling lonely at RMS this year. You are my closest friend...I'm worried he'll move me to a portable...I'm worried he'll make a 3 man team...My mind is in 100,000 different directions.

Well, I didn't expect to vent this much. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

*Red Beans

Well, yesterday I felt somewhat ambitious....I managed to clean house (what I could) considering that I had 3 guys here tearing up my flooring....I managed to do dishes, laundry, a little painting in my bathroom, cook a big pot of N'Awlins red beans and rice and I made seafood jambalaya....I figured I need to feed my buddy B he has done so much on this bathroom. While he was scraping some sheetrock mud on one of the walls...and the pot of red beans were cooking...I went outside and mowed my lawn. I am so LAZY on some days and so productive on others....Imagine if I feel productive all of the time.

Today, I slept in and then decided to clean up the mess I made in the kitchen last night. I've been working on a gift project for a friend of mine and it is taking so much longer than I anticipated....Oh well. I love her so that matters! B finished painting in my bathroom while I ran out to Fort Benning to shop. My late uncle was retired Military and my aunt takes me shopping there occasionally...I spent more than I should have...bought some Lancome, Yankee candle and house hold stuff.

I want to see the Lakehouse with Sandra and Keanu..It looks like a quaint love story. Maybe B and I can go tomorrow..My dad is In New Orleans...and B's father passed away many years ago. I also want to see the new Adam Sandler movie..Anyone seen either of these? Let me know.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Home improvement

*Sigh* I have been raring to go since 5 yesterday....I slept most of yesterday and well...I got 2 hours this morning from 6-8 a.m. ...Last night I was peeling more wall paper and glue off of the bathroom walls....I went to Walmart at 11:30 last night so I could get more paint supplies...and another sander for the remains of the glue on the walls ...I finished Laundry, cleaned out my fridge, scrubbed the shelves, paid bills, vacuumed the house....Did dishes....At 5a.m. I decided I would try to sleep...nope just stared at the ceiling and listened to the birds chirping outside my window at day break. I took a tylenol pm only to have my phone ring at 8:15 my flooring installer....he wants to come tomorrow and tear up the wood I have now Parquet in my dining room and foyer...I said OK...have I mentioned he's cute???(married--of course)..Well...I went back to the mall did I mention that Bath and Body has a great sale happening? I went back for room plug in fresheners and antibacterial moisturizing lotion...My buddy B and I went to a local Italian place... and we came back here dismantled my china cabinet, moved my dining room furniture to various rooms in my house and my china as well...I'm sleepy and B just left...I want to wake up with the man of my dreams next to me and his FAT wallet on the night stand...I know, I know I am asking for so much!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well Tigger is ok. Thank you Jesus!
While I was home I went to NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art) and saw a Katrina dedication and also and Ansel Adams exhibit. I was enthralled with both...such different times and themes in life spanning 100 yrs or work.

Here are a few of the devastation. When I ask you to buy New Orleans stuff, I am pleading with you to find something from a french quarter merchant on to help them keep a float. Thank you!



What a shit day day I have had! My buddy B is definately leaving and going to another middle school...(and not a good one). The meeting he had today was simply telling him he had no appeal. He signed a contract with the school district here and they could do with him as they choose. I feel awful for him...he's not happy. And the selfish Bitch that I am feel really gloomy!

Second, my hard wood floors were to be installed on Monday. My installation guy called to tell me the flooring company hadn't gotten them in...Well, the flooring co guy called me 2 weeks ago and said just give him a days notice before Jeremy comes to pick up the materials. I called the flooring guy today and he tells me he never left that message. OH, ok i dreamed it up. The installer went ahead and booked another job next week in my place. My parents are coming here for fourth of July and I wanted this taken care of before they got here.

My mom just left a message that she has news about TIGGER my 19 yr old kitty at home. Dear Lord, I just can't handle him passing away today. I' will just simply lose it.


My buddy B is being transferred to another school and I"M BUMMED! The district is doing this and giving him no say in the matter. He and I have been on the phone for 24 hours talking to former teachers, current teachers, legal advisors and representatives. He's in a metting right now. It wasn't bad enough that Hannah left me this year, but now B too. =(

Monday, June 12, 2006


Yes, it has been awhile since my last post. I have been busy...I just got back from "my home" trip, N'Awlins. The city is still in such disarray. It saddens me the lack of government support...Well I should say continued support. We need soldiers and volunteer agencies to clean up, restore and rebuild some of the areas. I mean hell get the prisoners sitting on their asses out and productive to restore communities. The city is so lost without the tourism dollars. The convention center was such a big money maker for all of the small businesses in the area. I was in the French quarter last week and walking in and out of the shops that are open...I went into one (my friend Hannah would love, tea and tea components were their focus) and the shop owner asked me where I was from...Proudly, I said HERE. He said I'm shocked...and went on to tell me of a few businesses that have pulled out of the city and his concern for the businesses that are attempting to make it. The city thrived on tourism dollars from conventions and festivals. To those of you who read my blog get on line find a New Orleans business and BUY SOMETHING! Go to NOLA>COM and, jewelry, costumes, art, vacations, coffee, pralines, books anything you can think of to help out the business owners. I would appreciate it very much!
I'll write more later.....
"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans..."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Please ENJOY this link!!!

I am still smiling after watching this! Take a minute... Really!

Type in

Friday, June 02, 2006

Life's daily journey

Well, hello to you select and privledged few that do read and comment on this basic blog...I still need help doing what I would like to do with it creatively.....One day perhaps...

My trip to North Carolina was enlightening. The friend I went to see and I have known each other for 10 years now. We dated off and on, but it never seemed like we had the right timing...and a few things were not in the right place...but we have leaned on each other off and on for several yrs. We are better at leaning on each other than we would be married. I think I knew that all along, but wanted a final try/closure sort of step. I got that this weekend.

Next, I plan on going home to Nawlins soon...I am in the process of redoing my guest bathroom and want to find some Fleur De Lis bits and pieces to add to it. I found a towel rack one in pewter and one in silver, but of course I prefer a bronze or gold tone. I'd like to find cool light switch covers and small pieces of Nawlins and the culture it has to offer.

I'm also dealing with my flooring adventure. I am trying to work soemthing out with the guy that was originally going to install for me. He is asking 1.75 per sq ft..I'm looking at 1050 sq ft. Well...there's more...He's charging to rip up the carpet in hall, LR, to remove the vinyl in my kitchen, plus the hardwood in my dining room and in my foyer. GRRRRR When I 1st spoke to him yesterday he quoted me a 4100.00 Install fee...(HELLO---I spent 6500 on the wood). I liked to have a coronary on the phone. Well, i told him i'd have to get some other estimates....he'd have to wait to hear from me. He actually sounded shocked.
Well...about an hour later he called back and said he really wanted to do the job and would work with me....and dropped his price to 3700...(moving furniture, hauling off carpet, vinyl, installing quarterround, molding as wood ends and carpet in bedrooms stays. ) I said I would still have to think about it and get more quotes.
He said he'd go home last night and see if he could do anything else. I like the guy but i didn't set out to spend 12,000 grand on this project.

I may try to get the carpet up myself and the vinyl too that would save me almost 500 bucks...the comfort i take is that money you invest into your property is usually a return on your investment.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm the eternal optimist!

It's late but this is my thought for the day~ Enjoy!