Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sorry that I haven't been around. I do want to

I am kinda unsure of my plans the next few I will make it around to my buddy blogs sometime soon.....Tomorrow I go to Mississippi with him to bring his daughters to the ex-wife. After that we're coming back here for our 2 month anniversary. We have been looking into cabins in Tenn & North Carolina. He wants a view, I want to make snow angels. We'll see what the weather holds....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hi Everyone! I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! I hope 2008 will be your best year yet!

I had a really nice Christmas. My aunt, the professor and I had Christmas at my house. We all cooked and dined as it rained outside here. It was a cold my lit fire place was wonderful!

My parents ended up with a stomach virus and did not come here. It was the first Christmas I have spent without my parents. It was a sad in that aspect, especially with the year that my parents (mom's cancer) have struggled through.

The professor and I exchanged gifts. He can be very thoughtful! He found me a New Orleans newspaper printed SAINT book with all of the success last year after the hurricane and the trials and tribulations that faced the city. He also got me some Fleur De Lis bookends,a Fleur DE lis gold book mark, a DVD series Kings of Queens, and 3 carat peridot ring. He took me into every jewelry store in the mall and many magazines/flyers. He found the earrings to match in another store. He really does have a sweet tender heart. We had a nice romantic Christmas at my house.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I came to work today. I did NOTHING yesterday, I was a sick lazy bum. I really felt crappy. I am feeling a bit better today.
My kids are watching Sponge Bob Christmas. THey made cards for the cafe ladies. The ladies seemed so pleased. =)
I need to wrap stuff at home. I need to clean house from top to bottom. I have all of mom's stuff wrapped. I need to wrap 3 or more things for R. I think I went overboard for him. My aunt is always the hardest to buy for!!!!! She has everything. I got her gift cards to a few places for meals. She's like me and chooses not to cook at much-- for just her. Know what I mean?
My kids brought me all kinds of stuff today from chocolate to candles...two of my favorite things.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I made in ***A*** in my graduate class this semester. Yeah!!!

I'm home from work today. I just can't handle feeling this crappy and screaming at kids to hush.
I absolutely did the right thing. Ughhhh

I am feeling a bit of 'undeclared confusion" at the moment. Last night he called and had a few things to tell me. One was that he wants me to go to a party for one of his faculty members Sat night at a blues martini bar.

Second, he says I did tell you my Ex is coming in for a night to see the girls when they are here a day or two after Christmas. I told her she could stay here. I was totally silent. I trust him...but I guess I wanted sometype of input asked of me, rather than him saying this is whats happening. Are ya with me?

He did tell me over a week ago he doesn't want to see anyone else and wants us in a committed relationship.

I need to go back to bed and then wrap some gifts.
Hope you feel better today than I do.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I left work at noon....and I have accomplished a few things...but my head hurts, my throat hurts and I have a miserable cough. Oh, and did I mention Flo came to see me at the beginning of the week. What else can I add to my misery?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meow Meow Meow

I got out of bed and to work in 15 minutes this morning. I didn't however put a lick of makeup on. I have been at my school for 4 years, never has this happened before. I spent 2 hours up coughing last night. R spent the night and I knew I would keep him I finally got out of bed and on the couch for my coughing couch reclines so I wasn't lying flat which helps.......
My work Christmas party was last night. The 6th grade teachers all brought a dish. I made Jambalaya for 40. Good house will smell like it for a week.
It was at my favorite teachers house....she just had it built this summer and it is simply lovely.
Reagan went with me = )

Monday, December 17, 2007


"Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch!" Maxine
The concert was great! Jake is such a HOttie!!! He has a hit "YEE HAW" and closed the show with it and a young girl from the audience, she must be 5 yrs old. It was the cutest thing to hear her sing yee haw for the audience.
Sugarland was awesome. I wish I had Jennifer Nettles energy and her voice. She has a set of lungs on her. They did a couple of cover tunes that surprised me...They closed the show with all 3 acts coming out.
Well unfortunately, I have a sinus head from the depths of hell. I was miserable last night and this morning. I am taking meds...but tonight is our school Christmas party and the 6th grade teachers are the one catering.SO i spent a couple of hours yesterday cooking 4 pots of jambalaya--chicken, shrimp and sausage.....R is coming with me which really excites me.
He finally decided he doesn't want to see other people.... = ) Ya'll I really dig him.
I feel like I get to show him off!!!!! Did I tell you Auburn University called him and he has an interview set up early January?? I'm excited for him because it will be a step up and more money and a more prestigious college. On the down side, I am not sure what that means as far as travel's a 40 minute drive over there and if it's 5 days a week, it will get old soon.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Well, I have an evening that I am looking forward to enjoying! I have floor tickets to see Jake Owen/Little Big Town/Sugarland. I saw Sugarland open for Brooks and DUNN 2 years ago and they were great! Jennifer Nettles has so much energy on stage and damn does she have a set of lungs on her. She did a song with Jon Bon Jovi last year.
Can I tell you I am excited that it's finally FRIDAY?
R is going to the concert with me. Romeo is going with his g'friend. I hope I get to see her! Several of my students have told me they are going too. My only decision is what the hell am I going to wear?????
Tomorrow-- I get to sleep in !!! YEAHHH!!!!!!! Really, to be able to sleep til 10.. God do I need that. I"m moving a bit s-l-0-w-l-y today.
I have just a couple of gifts left to buy~~
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a stange day for me. I wish I was at home. Just didn't wanna move from my bed this morning!

Yesterday, I took R 3 balloons, some flowers and chocolate fudge brownies. (He LOVES chocolate) Well, he told me to call after my work meetings. I did he answered his work phone, "R's house of flowers". I thought it was cute. I had a choral concert last night and invited him to go with me. We met for dinner and he said he was going home from there. He says "The flowers and stuff was a bold move for you". I wasn't quite sure how to take that ~~~ I wanted a THANK YOU !

He asked me to come over after the concert, but I went home instead. He just emailed and said he stayed home from work today that he wasn't feeling well. I told him i'd pick up anything he needed after work...if he didn't need anything then I was going home. I have so much stuff to do at home --I have been neglecting!!!!
Has everyone but me finished their Christmas shopping????

I wanted to pass out my N.O. goodies, spices and mixes to my teacher friends by the end of this week...otherwise we get stuff from kids later in the week and wanted to be seperated from the other stuff. I am cranky today can you tell???????

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm not feeling quite that bad...actually I woke up with a smile on my face and my guy next to me. I was so comfy that I did not want to get out of bed at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it here barely. I am in a rather good mood. I played Jeopardy with my Language Arts classes today. We covered vocabulary, spelling, parts of speech and a novel we just finished.

I took the liberty to go pick up a Santa balloon,one red and green balloon, 2 brownies and put together a few flowers and drove them over to R's work which is the college. I knew he wasn't there (he was in Atlanta for a conference this morning). So I'll wait til I hear from him. Only one person saw me deliver them to his office.... so I doubt I'll totally freak him out.

Last night he decorated more in my front yard and brought over a wreath for my front door. He really is a home maker....I DIG IT.

How do my blog readers feel...what are your personal thoughts on Eloping????

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'll dedicate this to my dad. As it is his birthday today...however he is on Portsmouth England for business. He is testing some Hovercrafts and their mechanical functions. He designs them and handles Propulsion...I am proud of him....
I did have a really busy weekend. I was sick Thursday night. A god awful tummy virus. I called into work sick Friday. I was up practically all night Thursday running to the bathroom. Can I say YUK!!!!

I had a great day yesterday. I got to wake up to R. We ran a few errands and he grilled shrimp, salmon (in a honey sauce), smoked sausage stuffed with artichoke and cheese. HE also sauteed tomato, squash and zucchini...It was yummy and I have left overs for the whole week!

We just had a really good weekend...lots of positive talking and sweet sentiments. He hung up some more Christmas lights in my front yard. We watched some football. Ya'll It's getting all kinds weird.......I am feeling all warm and fuzzy!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well, it's finally Thursday. I am feeling a bit odd. (Sorry that is normal for me).
Last night R surprised me with two bouquets of burgundy and white chrysanthemums. I was in a moo moo doing dishes out of the shower and with my hair on top of my head . I looked like a ton of bricks hit me. Can I say scary?

He came in and grabbed some of the Christmas lights I bought and set them out in my yard. He did a pretty good job. We watched a little tv and talked. He apologized for being a butt head Monday night. He was just really cranky.

Tomorrow is Friday. Can I say AMEN?

How pushy am I to have sent him and email that reads: "OK. You said once or twice that you didn't know what to shop for when it came to me.
I am going to go out on a limb and act completely presumptious...geeze do I hope I am not making a mistake on this one. I was in Sam's last week and saw a couple of things that I liked. So I am going to include a link......please don't misconstrue this as pressure. Think of it as getting to know my taste.....

Sam's Club - Search Results "

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


OK. I am the star of the show. This last week has been really tough on me. I am close to 2 family members....both of them are ON me about losing weight. One is just not tactful. The other one tries to guilt me into it. She says if you won't do it for me....then do it for your new man. Well, what about losing for the health problems...the high blood pressure and the type 2 diabetes.

I told you he hurt my feelings over the weekend right? Well, we were driving down the road and talking about his ex- whom I liked. He made some comment that she was chunky now...I said "You think she's chunky now?' He says "well yes, she lost alot of weight a couple of years ago I mean she used to be as big as you are" .

Ok my heart sank. I mean really sank. He likes BBW women....and I knew that going into to this...but the comparison he made really distraught me. It ruined my entire day. We ended up talking on my couch that night...he went home and made me brownies of all things. I just started crying. I mean I felt like if anyone was on my side he was. I am not even PMSing. I just lost it. He apologized and said he liked me just the way I was, but if it bothered me why not do something about it.

Last night one of my relatives just laid into me...I finally said "If you and she don't shut up about my weight, I will just quit talking to you". and I hung up the phone.

Monday, December 03, 2007

This is one of the ceiling Murial's in the wedding church of my dreams. I want everyone to know how spectacular this church is!

Below is the out side of the church in the middle of Jackson square. I can dream.

My weekend was alright.... Yesterday was pretty good. I slept in....I was lazy until after noon. I did get alot accomplished though. I managed to cook a couple of dishes. I made a shrimp fettuccine pasta with cheddar cheese and bacon. I also made jambalaya. R came over and blew off my drive way, rearranged my shelving in my garage and changed some outside light bulbs for me. He was feeling like playing house apparently!

We watched the Saints get beat. It was sad. I was upset they lost in the last 20 seconds of the game. PATHETIC.

We rearranged my furniture and put up my Christmas tree. He appreciates balance. I enjoyed the "playing house" aspect. I did dishes, vacuumed, and laundry.
I am being realistic though...I have seen the multi faceted aspect of his personality. He's pretty vocal on some things.

I still need to find something personal to give him. Mustangs are the only connection I have to go on, well o.k. I can gear it towards photography. He has books, I thought about finding a mustang toy of some type.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Well the hair I am pleased with...The colors are not as drastic as I had hoped...but he always does a great job styling me...I wanna have him here at the house for daily attention.

R hurt my feelings...I just clamed up. I called a friend and she ranted and raved that I not let it ruin my day. I am going to try. He did this before the salon this morning. I went there stayed 3 hours...and then took myself for a manicure. I feel a bit more relaxed.

We met on Halloween---so technically today is a month we have been seeing each other.We have moved so quickly it feels like we have been seeing each other six months. I had an after noon of football planned and my favorite dining establishment booked with reservations for 8. I need to perk up.

I do have a paper to wrap up for my class. I need to email it in the next hour. I better get busy.

Men suck. Sorry. He just hit a nerve.