Thursday, September 28, 2006


Lets try this...let me share my last hour with you.First, when I left the house this morning I put 5 Hershey kisses with caramel in my pocket. I wanted something chocolate to put in my mouth today. Well, i just discovered the caramel and the chocolate melted in my pocket.....Lunch, I get in line to order my lunch I am trying to check out, the kid in front of my knocks my plate of food over...So I go back get another plate and as I am coming out of the line one of the 7th graders runs smack into me and pours tea completely down the front of my shirt...(I'm in yellow today). I get in my bra and everywhere else. Then as we are walking back from the cafe after lunch a little shit of mine (Who got detention today) I tried to call home and the phone is disconnected, decides he wants to get smart with one of the secretaries.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I'm sleepy! I'm trying to motivate myself to get moving...mentally and physically, and I just can't seem to do it!!! I keep yawning! I need my hot tub, a rubber pillow, a cool breeze and Chris Noth (Law & Order, SATC) or John Corbett (Northern Exposure, SATC, GReek Wedding) fanning me as I sip cosmopolitians and listen to James Taylor in the background. Someone work that out for me (TODAY) please!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My dad sent me this list

1. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

2. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

3. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.

5. A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: "A beer please, and one for the road."

7. "Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.'" "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." "Is it common?" Well, "It's Not Unusual."

8. Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, "I was artificially inseminated this morning." "I don't believe you," says Dolly. "It's true, no bull!" exclaims Daisy.

9. An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either. 10. Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.

11. I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.

12. A man woke up in a hospital after a serious accident. He shouted, "Doctor, doctor, I can't feel my legs!" The doctor replied, "I know you can't - I've cut off your arms!"

13. I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel. 14. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

5. Two fish swim into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says "Dam!"

16. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

17. A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. "But why?" they asked, as they moved off. "Because", he said, "I can't stand chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer."

18. A woman has twins and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named "Ahmal." The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him "Juan." Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Ahmal. Her husband responds, "They're twins! If you've seen Juan, you've seen Ahmal."

19. Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him (Oh, man, this is so bad, it's good)....

A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis. 20. And finally, there was the person who sent twenty different puns to his friends, with the hope that at least ten of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Two of my favorite things in this life...Destiny he's my heart and soul and can lift, shift or eliminate a mood or moment....

Saturday, September 23, 2006


September 14, 2006 01:49 PM
by Tjames Madison
LiveDaily Contributor
Irish rockers U2 (music) and California punk-popsters Green Day (music) will team up Sept. 26 to help launch the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans before a live television audience.
The pairing, part of the Music Rising campaign which seeks to bring music back to the hurricane- and flood-ravaged Gulf Coast, will take place before ESPN's Monday Night Football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints.
The Superdome became a symbol of Hurricane Katrina in the early days following the natural disaster, when chaotic scenes from the ruined stadium--used controversially as an overcrowded relief shelter--were broadcast around the world. The NFL game will be the first official event held in the stadium since the facility's extensive renovation over the last year.
ESPN will air the U2 and Green Day live performances in their entirety during the cable network's Monday Night Football pre-game show.
"My visits to New Orleans gave me a firsthand look at the devastation which tragically destroyed the lives of thousands. The area's rich and spirited culture must continue to be restored," U2 guitarist The Edge said in a press release.
"Providing musical instruments through Music Rising will not only help the professional musicians but all the churches and schools in need through phase two of the program. Music Rising is dedicated to helping regain a foothold on their future but will also ensure that one of the Gulf Coast's greatest assets, its music, will rise again."
The performance will inaugurate Music Rising Phase II, in which the relief organization--formed late last year by The Edge, producer Bob Ezrin, and Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz--plans to provide musical instruments to churches and schools in the region. The main thrust of the campaign so far has been in providing assistance to thousands of musicians in the region whose livelihood was threatened by the disaster and its effect on the local music industry.
"One year later, people continue to be devastated by Katrina's effects," Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said in the press release. "We hope that by collaborating with U2, we'll remind the public that people of the Gulf Coast are still suffering and still need help to rebuild their lives. The Edge and Music Rising are providing support to schools, churches and musicians who lost everything in the storm, including their ability to make a living. We are honored to be asked and proud to be part of that."

Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, I made it throught another week. =) NO dead bodies...

I have several things I need to do this weekend, but unfortunately that all involve money. I need to win the lotto, but if I actually played the lotto it would increase my odds dramatically, I would think..

I want to know how I could add a link or a box or something (I am illiterate blog wise) where you guys can drop off on going post???? Someone tell me they know what I am talking about please.... I want to make my own book of sorts....Appetizers, salads, main course, and desserts.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


AMEN, I have made it through most of the week.... I was graced or blessed (however you like to perceive it) with Teatopia for dinner last night. I actually had an adult conversation and was eager to get more! I really miss my two closest buddies at work this year. She is home with Olivia and B was moved to another school in the district. We went to a local Italian eatery..I had garlic roasted potato soup with bacon and green onions...ummm YUM..and I brought home my lasagna ....I LOVE THEIR SOUP!!!!! Our lives are so different now, but one common aspect is we both want to cut up credit cards and pay them off ASAP. ME personally, I am an impulsive buyer, as I am an impulsive eater..So which one can you help me with???

So when will my readers start charging me for therapy sessions??? You should you know.....

I am still waiting for delicious dish ideas!
BG- yes, I will be staying way from spinach for several months with the ecoli scare..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, I definitely feel better physically today. I went to bed at 9 last night and slept til 6:30 this morning. See, I knew I needed the sleep! I tend to get grouchy without sleep. I refuse to fuss about school stuff today.

MY tummy is growling and I don't have lunch for another hour. I did bring split pea and ham soup....yummy! I have crackers to munch on as well. Tonight I am supposed to have dinner with Teatopia. Johnny CArrino's had two simple splendid items, a cheesy potato soup and a chocolate cake to die for! It is ooooeeeyyyyee gooeeyyy, melt in your mouth milk chocolate. Can you tell I am looking forward to dinner?

This weekend I have so much to do...A co worker turns 50 today and is having a party this Friday. Saturday evening I am supposed to go to a Catholic church with a friend and attend mass. I am really curious about Catholicism...Also, this weekend my buddy T has a friend playing at a club here. He has tried to get me to go hear him live several times and time wise it hasn't worked out. Who knows maybe I'll find prince charming in the crowd??? I can PRETEND! After all my classes are reading and discussing Fairy Tales today...Rumpelstiltzkin.

Does anyone have a favorite appetizer recipe they will share???

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am waking up each morning and dreading coming to work. Once, I get here..I do get lots of love from kids. However, its all the other BS that gets in my positive attitude. I mean I am still frusturated with how our school district is being handled...the lack of supplies and classroom money we need to get in order to try and create a conducive learning environment. I am smack worn out. I need a vacation. This is only my 3rd year teaching and well...

It doesn't help that I am NOT happy with my personal life. I need to have 2 incomes to get ahead financially. I also need to not have such expensive tastes!

I wanna go home right now!

Monday, September 18, 2006


When friendships undergo a test
It's often found old friends are best;
The sampler on the parlour wall
Has these few lines which say it all;
The best of friends can change a frown
Into a smile when you feel down.
The best of friends will understand
Your little trials and lend a hand.
The best of friends will always share
Your secret dreams because they care.
The best of friends, worth more than gold,
Give all the love a heart can hold.

Written with a pen.
Sealed with a kiss.
If your my friend,
please answer this:
Are we Friends
or are we not?
You told me once
But i forgot.
So tell me now
And tell me true.
So i can say....
"i'm here for you
Of all the friends
i've ever met,
you're the one
i won't forget.
And if i die
Before you do,
I'll go to heaven
And wait for you

I'll give the angels
Back their wings
And risk the loss
Of everything.
Just to prove my
Friendship is true..
to have a friend like you!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Who can tell me the meaning of life?

I seem to think it consists of family and love and friendship. I think it would help if you had a daily foundation that allowed you to smile just because of the blessings that we all feel on a daily basis. The small things that we take for granted. I cool breeze in the air, the taste of chocolate, a friend calling just to see how you are doing. A kitty cat rub on your leg, an incredible football game, a random hug from a child that speaks I love you for no apparent reason, a flower blooming and a democrat losing a race...

Shouldn't we all treat people the way we want to be treated? SO what happens when you don't feel like you are getting a fair shake? Should you friends be there to lend a ear, or to lift a spirit, or is it an expectation that is absolutely out of the question?

Think of someone you know that seems pretty happy about life. How would you describe their attitude? Are they kidding themselves? Are they ignoring the ugly truth about life that's right in front of their eyes and pretending that some happy fantasy world that exists only in their heads is real? Well, guess what. That is exactly how every happy person in the world acts. And the really strange thing is that it's OK. Because the reason that you are unhappy is that you have constructed a fantasy world just as complete and just as removed from the "facts".

The most important word in the language is "now." It is a terrible mistake to think that we can put things off until a better time. Should we go back to college now, or wait while we earn more money? Now. Should we start having a family now, or wait to have kids until we establish our career? Now. Should we start on a regular exercise or diet now, or put it off just a little longer, until after the holidays, until it gets warmer, until our cold goes away, until school lets out, until hell freezes over? Well, it might as well be that last one, because when we put anything off at all, for any reason, we wake up the next week and guess what? It only seems like a week, it is now 20 years later and it's too late to do it.
Make yourself a big cardboard sign with the single word NOW on it and hang it up where you can see it every day.

The good news is that many things that seem too late to do really aren't. They may be more difficult, but there is almost always a way. But you must start on them (guess when!) NOW!

When we are young, life seems so long! It stretches out in front of us forever, and it seems like there is always going to be time for everything. So we let things slide.

Then we blink, and life is almost over.


You Scored 65% Correct
You are a solid child of the 80sYou'd never confuse Tiffany from DebbieAnd while you may not know Prince's first #1 hitYou know every word to Little Red Corvette
How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?

Friday, September 15, 2006


This was taken tonight...does my expression tell you about the slump I am feeling?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


What's a Yat?
"Yat" is a term for the quintessential neighborhood New Orleanian. It's derived from the local greeting, "Where y'at!", although it tends not to be used by locals in the way it's used by outsiders. I never really heard the term while growing up, and neither did many of my fellow New Orleanians. It's come into casual acceptance, although the acknowledged expert on local speech, Bunny Matthews, hates the word and considers it a pejorative. Bunny told me he though that it's "the kind of thing that a Tulane student from the Northeast would come up with." Personally, I don't think Tulane students from the Northeast were that clever, but I respect Bunny's thoughts on the matter.
Many if not most New Orleanians will use a few, some or all of the terms below, but not all New Orleanians employ the truly hardcore local pronunciations. A brief explanation of what constitutes the true essence of local speech and its users is offered here, excerpted from Tim Lyman's introduction to Bunny Matthews' wonderful first book of comic strips featuring New Orleans dialogue, F'Sure!: Actual Dialogue Heard on the Streets of New Orleans, now sadly out of print. In a bit of double irony, not only is Tim not a local (Bunny describes him as a "Yankee"), but Bunny himself refuses to use the word "Yat" to describe either locals or their speech. Still, it's one of the best descriptions of localness I've ever read:
For those of you unfamiliar with New Orleans culture, a good place to start is that there are basically only two kinds of people in New Orleans.
The first is those folks that live, as one [of Bunny's] cartoon characters puts it, in Gatorland -- "Yeah, you know ... ova dere across Magazine where dey all wear dem shoits wid lil' gators on 'em." Otherwise knows as Uptown, you can tell folks from Gatorland in the cartoons because they speak English. Another clue is that all skinny people are from Gatorland, although not all people from Gatorland are skinny. And they often have 59 rows of teeth.
The other kind of New Orleanian is Everyone Else, dose folks dat talk normal. Be they Black, White or Creole, whether they live right in the backyards of Uptown or way out in da Ninth Ward, Chalmette, or even across da River, they are united in the fact that their homes and lives have not been renovated, that life is the same as it's always been, only worse.
The best generic term for Everyone Else is "Yat", a word too often limited by its etymology so that it refers merely to those who greet you with "Where y'at?" most often. Yat is actually much broader than this; it is a state of mind.


I have made it through most of the week. A day and a half left!
This weekend LSU will play Auburn and hopefully stomp on them!

My aunt's 80th birthday is this weekend. I am going to take her out somewhere for dinner and watch some football with her. We may go to Brunch after church Sunday as well. I need to go!

A co worker sent me a list of things to answer and send back so I am asking my blog buddies to do the same thing...

Four things about me you may not know!

A. Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Sound Shop ( music store)
2. New Orleans Superdome (Ticketmaster)
3. Taco Bell (My 1st job ever)
4. Real Estate Agent

B. Favorite Movies:
1. St. Elmo's Fire
2. The Notebook
3. American History X
4. A Time to Kill

C. Four places I have lived:
1. New Orleans, LA
2. Hammond, LA
3. Columbus, Ga.
4. Metairie, La

D. Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Sex and the City
2.) Law n Order SVU/ Law n Order Criminal Intent
3.) Designed to Sell (HGTV)
4.) Will & Grace

E. Four places I have been on vacation:
1.) Ireland
2.) Bahamas
3.) London
4.) Paris

F. Websites I visit often:
2. Food Network
3. or Eharmony
4. Multi Listing Service (real estate properties)

G. Four of my favorite foods:
1. Seafood (cajun cooking)
2. Mexican
3. Italian (I love cheese)
4. Pizza

H. Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. The French Quarter
2. A concert
3. Shopping
4. Well.............. you know. : )

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well...I am at school in my room it's 6:56p.m. waiting to go to the gym and meet and greet parents. The principal will introduce all of us. YIppEEE...Then our parents follow their student schedules and changes classes about every 15 minutes...isn't that swell????

I had one highlight today RM (the coworker crush) walks into the copier room and we started chatting about the squirrel incident yesterday..he's such a smart ass i LOVE him for it! He said to my assistant principal..."Well the squirrel was in heaven in that 8th grade hall , he had never been around so MANY NUTS at one time!" (hehehehe)

OK after several parents and some not to wonderful....I need to go home!

Monday, September 11, 2006

New school mascot

Well, somehow this morning a squirrel got into the gym (where our bus kids wait for us) until homeroom starts. Then after they were released, the squirrel somehow followed them into the eighth grade hall where I teach. It ended up in one of the math teachers rooms. Hehehehe...You should have seen my assisstant principal walking down the a redneck whose call was to rescue this poor squirel and set it free into the wilderness. The look on his face was priceless. I so wish I had a camera for a yearbook shot! He had me laughing!!! Good Lord did I need that this morning.

The love of my life sent me text messages all weekend. I had a sour sad weekend. All i did was shop and watch football...which are two of my favorite things to do...but I wasn't in the mood for all of the emotions I had to deal with. I need to change somethings in my life, or I just can do this anymore. I don't want to do this day to day stuff anymore. I sooooooooo miss my friends at home. The ones I have here just aren't the same. I mean I have B who's gay...sweet...but gay and there are only so many things we can do. Then there is H and (I try to understand) but I never hear anything but baby talk. I mean she always seems to be doing things with other people, but never has money to do anything with me. So i just quit asking. We just aren't even close to being on the same page. I do have T, the forever bachelor and he brings me the most sanity...we like to go out to dinner, shop (he's great with electronics) but he doesn't ever show any emotion, so I guess I am cautious about showing mine.

The only bright note of my weekend, the Saints and LSU won. WAHOOO

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Prayer and shopping

Feeling defeated with the whole weight loss aspect..I am definately an emotional eater. The last few weeks at work have been really stressful and when i get home i rant and rave outloud and usually eat too much. Maybe I need therapy...At lady at work had the weight loss surgery and she seems to be doing ok. She has lost 160 lbs so far. I don't need to lose that much but 80-100 would be ideal.

I'm up early for a Sat and I need a new pair of jeans, so off I go to shop and try to not think about work. Although trying on jeans won't help much on the *happy side*.

The English teacher on the other team in 6th grade went to Jennifer (our newest teacher this year) and said I think there is animosity between the two teams what should we do??? OMG yes, they are totally jackasses..well two are ok in my book..a History guy and the math teacher, but the math teachers sister in law is our LAZY special ed imagine the conversations they have had. I wish I didn't like 6th graders so much...i really would go to 7th ..although I really prefer the 8th grade teachers...just not the 8th grade kids (way too much attitude on them). Just pray for me.

Friday, September 08, 2006


This was a short week...but it sure seemed LONG!

However, I managed to get in a few cosmopolitan in after work yesterday with my buddy B. I am thinking...I might want to do that again this evening!! I must clean house some this weekend. I also need to cook some fresh lump crab meat I have in the fridge. I have been nibbling on that big pot of Gumbo I made last week.....YUMMY.

What are ya'lls thoughts on protecting our borders with the military reserves??? Do you think it will make a difference? Do you think it's a waste of time? Or do you think people from other countries have the right to make a better life for themselves???

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yep, I'm up! I is 3:31 a.m. and I am reading blogs. I have way too much on my mind and it seems like I never have any free time to me. I mean I have been at school til 6 the last 2 days...working on schedule changes in my computer programs at school. I feel like I have only had a sour puss face on for weeks now. I know my Special ed lady saw it yesterday. She just decides to wander in my room whenever it's convenient for her. Hello if you have some major behavior problems get your lazy ass upstairs and ten to them, after all you do get paid more than a regular teacher, and you do nothing! You don't have a homeroom, or grades to deal with or lesson plans) Thank God this is a short week. I have sick leave time and the way things are going I may be taking a day soon. I need the down time....I think I'll hibernate this weekend. I don't have any money to spend...and lately I just want a drink after school...and if you know me, I'm not much of a drinker...

I feel bad that all I seem to post is me complaining about work or men. Maybe I should convert to Catholicism and become a nun....maybe then I will find inner peace and some tranquility.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My three best traits:
1.) I'm as loyal as they come
2.) I always have an open ear for a friend
3.) I'm honest--I'll tell you the truth tactfully I hope

My three WORST traits:
1.) I'm not a patient person
2.) I'm selfish
3.) I expect alot from my friends and I'm often let down

The three things I am missing most in my life:
1.) Love
2.) Money (I'd like the winning lotto ticket)
3.) Peace and tranquility......SANITY

Please reciprocate and share yours with me.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School complaints

How is that my team doesn't have a teachers edition to a Grammar book??? Umm hello? I managed to get 15 grammar books and 15 workbooks ...Well I have forty kids so how am I supposed to do this????? I am so fed up I don't want to scream anymore I want to cry!

Hitler had the audacity to ask me about progress reports for the kids she got back with the schedule changes today. She wants to be Miss high and mighty last week...Well...she can wait on me this time. I printed all of my reports last week...but she can kiss my Lilly white ass if she thinks I am going to jump through hoops for her anytime soon. ...Can you believe the balls on this woman????

There is a book series the kids EAT up called Bluford Series...Well they have about 8 of the books in library. (8 different titles) I used one of the books this year to start off my kids knowing they would not want to put the book down. Anyway, one of the authors has 3 new books out for this school year. I spoke with the librarian and apparently the 7th grade teachers think they should have ALL 3 of the new titles. The librarian said she was buying a class set for 2 of the 3. I said I wanted to read one of the 3, it didn't matter which one. Seventh grade teachers could have first dibs. I would be happy to take what is left over. She said she would buy the 3rd set for 6th grade if I could get it approved from the 7th grade teachers. Umm hello why do all of these people think THEY HAVE THE RIGHT to DICTATE??? I put a note in the box of one of the teachers (one I like) and she goes off saying well if all the 6th grade teachers didn't use the other Bluford series maybe we would "LET" you have one. Umm hello what is this "LET" shit??? I was being courteous and I thought easy by saying I would take the one they didn't do...

Good lord send me calming thoughts and inner peace PLEASE.

Monday, September 04, 2006

RD under a Neon Moon

Well....I have found the perfect man. He just happens to be charming, funny, handsome, talented (My GOD HE CAN SING) and he's loaded financially. His name is Ronnie Dunn and unfortunately, he's already married.

See he just heard me say "I love Ronnie" and apparently he needs to hear it again!

Picky Picky

Well....Guess I am meant to be alone FOREVER! The guy from the Internet we will call a sweet fella, yes he's cute in person...but lord have mercy....he didn't even finish highschool. He's sweet...but he can't manage money and just isn't my intellectual equal. I sound like a snobby B don't I???

Saturday, September 02, 2006


K...I'm talking to a guy on line...he lives about 160 miles north of me almost to the Tenn line. Well, he decided not to go camping with his brother and he's driving here... I have about 2 hours to try and pull myself together. Well, I have been so wiped out today..I ran errands all afternoon...the people out were INSANE! I realize it's the 1st of the month and its a holiday weekend....but (wow) lines were awful!

Friday, September 01, 2006


THANK GOD IT"S FRIDAY! I can't remember when I have felt so incredibly stressed at work. This week has really been a nightmare...with the help of a coworker from the flames of hell.

I really did want to go to N'awlins this weekend...but this week has taken so much from me...drained isn't the best word to use. Physically and Psychologically I just feel totally EMPTY. I need some serious R & R. So....I'll pout at the thought of not being able to see some people, but on the other hand...sleeping in my own bed and waking up with my a good feeling. I did wake up craving shrimp....yep, I had a strange dream I was in my Fav dining place here in Ga, and I was helping the chef. Yeah, well I woke up and called Tommy one of my best buddies here, and said I need shrimp for dinner, it doesn't matter where....just fresh boiled shrimp!

If I thought I was a better cook, I would love a true N'awlins dining establishment here..of my own!!! I was really looking forward to Shrimp Creole, BBQ Shrimp Po-boys, Crab, corn and Crawfish bisque..with French bread to nibble on....Oh man...I wanna drive home for a day have beingets and a po-boy and come back...Can someone lend me their personal jet for the day tomorrow????