Friday, October 03, 2008


Hi All,
I will be posting sporatically! Bear with me....I have had a LONG gruesome week. I have one hell of a sinus infection to which my doc gave me a antibiotic prescription. I took it Wed night and spent all evening in the bathroom. MEOW
I went to my dermatologist yesterday and he tells me apparently I was allergic to the antibiotic....and then proceeds to give me several shots in my shoulder to numb me up as he takes a slice off of my skin in search of skin cancer. My arm was numb all evening and sore as hell today.
Hubby left this morning for a conference in Kentucky for the weekend. I am sooooo sleepy. I think I could sleep all weekend if i tried.
How is your world?
I have a MidTerm to study for all weekend. UGHHHH-- Its an Educational Psychology course. Wish me luck and cooler weather.