Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello All

It has been quite busy in my world. Today I stayed home sick. My tummy gave me fits afte dinner yesterday. So I saw it best to stay home. I also skipped my night class Thursday. Hubby had a conference to speak at today in North Alabama. So I have had he house to myself...which has been kinda soothing. OMG is it an adjustment from not having a roommate for ten years and then one you are supposed to share everything with~ it seems much easier for him.

I went and bought the Sex and the City movie when it was put on shelves Tuesday. I really loved those girls. Their "issues" were real life and easy to relate too.

I am watching Amy Wives now...but it's just a runner up. The characters are real but not as loveable.

Has anyone seen any great movies lately? I wanna curl up with a few this weekend, Hubby and I wee going to see the new Nicholas Sparks book to movie with Richard Gere this weekend...