Monday, March 31, 2008

12 Days

Hello all~
I am feeling a bit more relaxed today. I know ODD for a Monday morning. I don't have any after school meeting today. AMEN.
I have a couple of places to go after work. But I don't feel a tremendous amount of pressure. THANK GOD!!!!!!

I need to run to my pastry shop. I bought some cookie cutters and she said she would make some cookies for my favor table. = ) I have tin box mints with our names and dates on them. I am thinking of ordering some pralines from N'Awlins too. I am also thinking of flower seeds in packages they can plant and watch grow and I bought baggies guests can use to pick up what they like.... The bags have a Fleur De Lis and our names and date. Other small quaint ideas??? or feedback on these?

We ordered the bedroom set like 3-4 weeks ago and I am so hoping it would come in this week. Send the shipping people positive energy.

"Legend The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" (sometimes spelled "fleur-de-lys") is "flower of the lily." This symbol, depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower, has many meanings. Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light, and life."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

17 days til the wedding

Howdy. Sorry it has been a week since a post. I really am busy. Monday after work I spent 3 hours with my florist. I REALLY like her. I think I will be pleased with her work.
Today Angel comes to rehearse with my kids after school. Then we go to the church to met with the organist.
I had a hair appointment tomorrow but called and changed it to next week so my hair would LOOK fresh.....
I ran by Dillards after work yesterday and talked to Laurel my friend at M.A.C. she is doing my make up and my bridesmaids make up for the wedding. Yeah!!!! I told her I would buy her a gift certificate for her work....Any ideas?
I use Lancome and Lauder most of the time...although I like MAC's demi lashes and their blush. I am a makeup queen. I love the stuff and should probably do something with the passion I have about it. favors...I am working on some mints and cookies with a bag I had a Fleur De Lis and our names with wedding date on them. Any other cute ideas? What do you think about flower seeds a few packets if people wanted to take them and plant them??? Cute inexpensive???

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check list

Photographer was chosen yesterday.
Cake is paid for~ I need to bring her pictures yet.
I picked up my dress Sunday in Atlanta.
The caterer is booked and menu selected.
The church is paid for.
All bridemaid dresses have been ordered.
The tux's have been ordered and 75% have been measured.
The florist has been given a deposit. I meet with her again on Monday.
The flower girl baskets have been ordered.
The flower girl dresses have been purchased.
The bible versus have been selected.
The music has been decided.

What am I missing?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yep. I took my own picture this morning. I think it turned out pretty representative of my feelings.
I have to make a photography decision today. I am going to go with the safe guy here that has lots of experience. I need to feel safe. I won't get as many fun shots...but I will talk to him and get his feedback.
My guy is still being a jack ass about my cousin singing. No kidding guys she does broadway kind of things. She is very talented and cute!
I am BROKE. I am hungry. I am tired.
My house is a mess. I need a maid. I need to declutter. I need to sleep. I have a college project due tomorrow night. I need intellect ability sent to me ...soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My day went alright actually until I got home.

I managed to pick up my dress today. I spent the whole day in Atlanta at the bridal store and visiting my uncle who is in assisted living on the way there.

I spoke to my aunt and my cousins wife while I was there. My aunt and uncle's grand daughter is the cutest thing! She is talented too. Well, I asked if she would sing "Cross my Heart" by George Strait at the reception. One of my students ok I think my favorite student of all time....really wanted to play something either at the church or the reception. He's a good player for a 7th grader. His dad owns the local guitar shop and is INCREDIBLE as a player. Anyway he's playing the song and she is going to sing it. She could be on a kid star search...

Well, I call my fiance to tell him how my day was and such and mentioned this he goes NUTTY on me. Why didn't I ask him about it? Ok ladies...(and MICK)...he said he doesn't care much for cake...and when I brought him samples he didn't even wanna eat them. When I asked him about colors...he says it doesn't matter. The same with the why the hell shouldn't I take this into my own hands and make some decisions. We have a jazz guitarist a professional playing alone at the what if she sings a couple of songs????


Friday, March 14, 2008

Please check this site out and tell me what you think of the work being displayed.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well, I took the weekend to myself. I unplugged the phone Friday night and retreated. I feel like I have been sucked up into a whirlwind in the form of a tornado. I mean, how do people with families work, shop, clean, and find time for themselves? I am accustomed to living by myself and getting married is going to be a big deal for me. I am used to my own territory. HELP!!!

I finally ordered a cake this last week. I have to bring some picture in but I chose a strawberry light and fluffy with a butter cream frosting. Never in my life would I think it would be strawberry, but this pastry shop had 6 or 7 caked for me to try and I loved it! For me to choose strawberry over HAD to be YUMMY.

I managed to throw out 3 bags of clothing this weekend. I did some laundry and a little shopping this morning, I just finished a paper due for my college class. I just typed and submitted it. I did dishes and unloaded the dishwasher...and I also took a nap yesterday and again today which tells you I really am exhausted.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well, I think I got food poisoning of some type. Ya'll I have really picked up the crud over the last month! I feel a bit better today, I ate chicken noodle soup for lunch along with a handful of peanuts.

I had chills, stomach cramping and lots of time in the restroom. UGHHHHHHHHH
Two days of nastyness.... the smell of food was nauseating.

I am going to blogs as soon as I type this~

Wanted your thoughts on the pics ...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, all of my married bloggers ---can life actually look like this???
It is really nasty weather here today. Can I say YUCK? I drove in a down pour to work and left my umbrella at the house...double yuk.
We have registered at Dillards. We desperately need bed linens. We are getting a king size mattress as a wedding gift and neither of us have any king size sheets. I am rather picky and like high thread count 400-1000. The higher the netter in quality and softness. So I mentioned I know the ones we have picked are a bit expensive...but people could get gift cards and we could put a few together and buy 2 or 3 really good sets. Do I sound impractical?
I am tempted to mention that we could use gift certificates to dining establishments. It would allow us to eat out and not spend money we simply DO NOT have right now. We are both in our 30's and have many of the necessary things.....we do need a really good set of cookware.
Anybody out there have suggestions on adding to a registry things they wish they had asked for and didn't???
Thank you for being faithful readers and commentors!!!