Thursday, May 25, 2006


Whew! I have been to sooo many places today! The post office, Bealls lighting, Lowe's, T&T flooring, Columbus Carpet Mill, Target, El Vaquero, Lane Bryant, and Flooring America. I am wiped out! My buddy went to 1/2 of those places with me. I was planning on going to North Carolina tomorrow and staying for the weekend. I think I have changed my mind.

I've been peeling off wall paper in my guest bath. It was a sweet pink rose pattern, but IT IS OLD LADY sweet and I am not ready for the grave just yet. I am thinking a sage green with new hard ware may be really nice...I considered a light apricot...I'll look more tomorrow at Lowe's. Tonight , I will peel and peel.

I did pick out a natural oak, Anderson product and ordered 1050 sq ft in it from Flooring America. I hope to have it installed in the next few weeks...My installer will call tomorrow and give me an installation quote. I signed up for 6500 on just the wood....SO I am looking at another 2000 for installation...and a few days to do it. I am going to do my kitchen....I hope it all works out well! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Dr. Phil was conducting a therapy session with four young mothers and their small children. "You all have obsessions," he observed.

To the first mother he said, "You are so obsessed with eating you've even named your daughter Candy."

He turned to the second mom: "Your obsession is with money. Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny."

He turns to the third mom: "Your obsession is alcohol. This, too, manifests itself in your child's name, Brandy."

At this point, the fourth mother gets up takes her little boy by the hand and whispers, "Come on Dick, we're leaving."

1st day of summer vacation

I'm gonna crash soon..I'm way sleepy! I went to yet another flooring store today called Bealls. The guy that came out last week and measured was HOT yet very cool. I liked him enough that I want him to do the installation no matter whose product that I choose flooring wise..Although I found a commercial grade I like at 10.50 a sq ft 12.50 sq ft installed...Like I need commercial hardwood, but I like the color variation and lack of heavy grain in it...At 1,000 sq ft for LR, Kitchen, Dining room, foyer and hall...not looking to spend 12, I better keep going.

The church guy my aunt wanted to fix me up with was in a wreck in the last few days and broke 3 ribs and a collar bone. So she fixed a few things and I called Cracker Barrel and ordered a full meatloaf and their hashbrown casserole...She brought him chicken, green bean, potato salad and homemade pecan pie. We delivered all of this (he and I met for the 1st time)....this afternoon, bless his heart he rushed to straighten up the house ..When we got their his dishwasher was going, his 2 dogs were in the dining room, a candle was lit, and he told us his son had to help him get his shirt on. He seemed like a genuinely sweet fella...VERY SHY!

I am trying to do scheduling for the next few weeks. I need my buddy B's help in moving furniture for floors...and he'll be out of town early June. I'm going to Nawlins and to North Carolina within the next month, but wanted my floors before then. It doesn't look like that will happen. I need to visit with some friends desperately!! !!!! I need some SATC the way Adian had a CD out. He was on the country music awards the other night. Go check it out.

Congrad to Taylor on AI. I was bummed for Elliot, but DAMN ACE looked some kinda handsome in that suit tonight. WOW~

Monday, May 22, 2006

Life still sucks

The highlight of my day has been my co-worker RM winking at me one of the first things this morning....Sad but true...Very married....but I'm still totally Obsessed.
Can you tell my personal life TOTALLY sucks.
I went to a psychic Saturday, and her reading told me that I have been hurt several times in Love and that people take advantage of me in the sense that I am always there for them when they need someone, but rarely are they there for me. She hit the nail on the head!!! See LIFE SUCKS!

I have a desk to clean out forms to be signed...and prayers to be said if our grade level goes to 3 man teams....God help me. I really do not want to teach Grammar and the rest of me doesn't want to work with a certain person. I have really enjoyed teaching Literature! If I can't have it I want History!!!!!!!!! No question.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Life Sucks

Friday, May 19, 2006


It's Friday and the last day with my kids...I had some really sweet kids this year and will miss them. It was nice the last few days because any of the behavior problems were escorted out of the building earlier this week. So the classes I did have were with cool kids!!! I took a few pictures and we shared lots if hugs! Teaching really can be rewarding....

On to matters of the heart...One of my ex's called yesterday afternoon and happened to get my voicemail on my cell and left a message. He was crying. I was shocked! He and I dated off and on for several years. I can say I have loved three times in my life. Once, was my first love and he has a permanent hold on my heart and will even when I leave this earth, We'll call him "J". Second, is this guy we'll call "K". He and I have so many shared, art, friends, a flair for life but with expensive tastes, we both have good family relations and share the same political views. We just connect on a certain level..but we also each have a short fuse when dealing with each other.....and he had a real problem with commitment. He knows it and thinks he gets it from his father. (I agree)~ Well (like you all need this background), He's a sensual guy and kinda kinky, but for him to leave such a distraught message I was afraid one of his parents or brothers died. I called him a few hours later when I got the message. He was rehashing our relationship, he said "the mistakes and choices he made, and his fear of commitment". He's been dating a girl named "T" and she wanted some type of commitment and he's having a tough time. Well, she lives a few hours away from him for school. He's worried that something violent may have happened to her because she is pulling away from him and acting quite shocked and withdrawn/secluded and doesn't want to talk about what is going on...but not in a bad sense. He approached her mom and still got that something is wrong vibe.. He says he feels kinda strange talking to me about her...I told him it was OK. I knew he needed a friend and we have such a history. He knows the love of my life "J". Lord knows I have talked to him about "J" and he's witnessed our difficulties in person and on the rebound. He and I started dating the first time "J" and I broke up...We always seemed to be drawn back to each other. He has been in my circle of friends for 14 years. Well, I listened and offered my thoughts....He offered apologies to me about "us" and when we hung up it was an "I love you Rebecca"...which was really nice to hear and left me to ponder a tad bit. Am I nuts? He made it clear that we should hang out when I drive home this summer. We're cool in the sense we can go to art galleries, brunch and then a concert...

Why doesn't my love life ever want to work OUT? I mean damn what am I doing wrong?????

Thursday, May 18, 2006

You'd think she could motivate me!

Days go by...

It's the day before we end this year with the students. My kids are watching Chicken Little and Loving it~I need to start cleaning my desk out. I doubt I will be in this room next year. The district is supposed to paint this summer, so everything is off my walls. I am making progress.... =)

I wish we had a 3 day weekend.....Oh well.

Two guys came out last night and measured for my floors...I am looking at 800-1050 depending on if I do my kitchen floor as well in wood. I'm not sure. The guys were so cool! I really liked them, they were straight forward and funny as hell...not to mention one was HOT!...Of course he's married....I swear I can pick them.

I am enjoying the home decor stuff! I miss real estate.
I am bummed about Elliot...But he can still sing just for me.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elliot You will be missed

I'm going to bed and feeling really SAD about Elliot! That so sucks!!1 I have no clue what the attraction is with Taylor...when he dances (or attempts to dance---he looks constipated). Elliot has a much better soulful voice with passion. He's my FUNKY white boy....I love ya Elliot! I can't wait for a CD by you to come out....You really deserved this crown...your my soulful prince!

Awards day is officially over and I am content to read on line and go through some magazines I bought at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I'm floor shopping (as I have like 10 samples from various stores on my floor at home next to my hearth...I'm trying to decide on a color. I am contemplating going ahead and changing my kitchen floor, back splashes and countertops. One of the places I have shopped for flooring is offering 3 years interest free financing...I am tempted to knock it all out. We'll see one of the guys is ordering me a sample of a fleur de lis small insert with tile/for tile as a backsplash.

I may also take on painting my guest bath on my own this summer. I have wall paper that is a very feminine pink flower (dainty) design. But I am hoping to to paint it a neutral color like a light sage green or taupe. One half of my bath is carpet, the other half is tile. I am replacing the carpet with wood. ( Just remember that water and wood are not a good thing)...buckle and moisture gets it to expand and eventually mess up.)

I love Real estate and interior design, just wish I had more money to really get what I want.....I adore HGTV and Lisa Laporta...(Designed to Sell, Sell this House)

Okay, just a few more hours...I have an AWFUL feeling that Elliot is leaving me this evening. I tried to download a few songs he sand and use them on my cell but Cingular didn't let me...Any ideas????? Where else can I go? I have Sprint but since AI is sponsored by Cingular....Its not compatible???

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am so mad I could spit fire! I had a get together planned since last week for 15 students who practiced after school and dressed up and planned for a skit for one of my best friends here in Columbus. She was leaving the work world to be a stay at home mom. Well, I ordered 4 pizza's, brought coke and sprite up here to drink. I also got them Chicken Little the DVD and chocolate chip cookies to pass out while they watched the movie. Well, my friend B went to pick up the HOT pizzas and my boss calls me at 2:40 (kids are coming at 2:45)and says NOPE you are not doing this on school time. Mind you the pizza has just been delivered to my room and I checked with all of their different teachers days before to get it cleared. So as all of these children get to my room I have to turn them away after they have already left their classes. SCREAM~ so yes, I look like the total asshole!

I am not a happy camper right now. The kids will come after school, but to cold pizza and then I have to jet out of here at 4 cause I have floor people coming to my house.

While I am fussing...let me add to it. I am quite disappointed that my friend that we did this for managed to come up here yesterday to show off her beautiful baby girl...but not to come for this get together for the kids that put on the sweetest skit for her. I am really feeling like I am out there ALL alone right now. I NEED to get away.

A Idol

You need to vote for my man tonight please!!! Go Elliot! I love your voice...


Well, I typed up a really in depth post and saved it as a draft. Unfortunately, now blogger will not let me recover the post...I was not a happy camper! =(~

Anyway, I have been shopping for hardwood floors to replace the ones in my dining room and foyer, and to add them in my living room. I'm looking at around 6000 to 7000k...but most places will give me a year interest free. So I hope to have this handled by the end of June.

I'm looking forward to some time off...I'm going to visit a friend in South Carolina. I am also going home to New Orleans at some point. I really need to spend some time cleaning out 2 closets and getting rid of the "Stuff" we all accumulate...I've been watching all these HGTV programs and wanna improve things....

I need to spend time with friends. I really need their company now. I need to see Dawn, Geralyn, Stephanie, Linda, Greg, Russell, and Julie. The hardest part of Georgia has been making new friends that have common interests and are SINGLE!
I miss the single conversations, the single girls night out, and shopping sprees and total bitch sessions!

Friday, May 12, 2006


It's Friday! I have one more week with students...and then 2 more days of post planning.
My kids are finishing a novel today. It's a (look back over the year) kinda day for me. I actually had a pretty good group of students this year. I had a few knuckle heads, but a few really cool kids. I like to see them year will be interesting....

I am going shopping for hardwood floors when I leave work today. I want to have them installed this summer...

I also want to have my teeth whitened. I asked my dentist about it over a year ago...and he told me to go with Crest whitestrips...well..I used to be a smoker and I want WHITE like models and tv personalities. I heard that the zoom whitening can be harmful later on...any thoughts or rumors you have heard? The cost I am hearing is $500...I think it would be a way to treat myself.

5 more hours....I get the weekend...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hmm..I am feeling abit uneasy...I missed a grade level meeting this morning (no one told me)...come to find out it was with our Principal and he just got an email from downtown. He was told because of numbers this next year, we may go to 3 teams (currently we have 2, 5 man teams) next year we may have 3 teams...but with 2, 4 man teams (all of us would teach skills--which would make me a LA teacher or SS. I'd be happy to teach SS. )The other team someone would be teaching LA and SS...the planning for that would be a night mare....not to mention last year I worked with several unpleasant of which if I knew there would be a shot at working with her again...I would have moved schools. She is truly from HELL.

All of this is up in the air ~ but it still makes me a bit uneasy~ the not knowing and the undesirable possibilities~should I go to my principal and tell him, I refuse to work with her? Or just let it take it's course???

Wahoo! Elliot is still with us! Yes, I know he's got awful teeth...but the voice more than makes up for it. If you have seen his family, he seems to be the one that truly deserves the win. I think he would benefit the most from it. unfortunately, we had terrible weather last night and Fox station was I didn't get to see the show (GRRRRRRR). I just got up...cause I was tossing and turning wondering about who was kicked off. I am still shocked it was Chris. Maybe the public felt like Bo Bice was rocker enough after last year??? But Katherine did have an awful night, and I'm sorry Taylor is just a strange fella that I see in a karaoke bar and not out touring....of if he is...i see him out with like Chubby Checker as a back up dancer for "Twist and Shout"...let him get his groove on to an older crowd. (Sorry Mrs HC).

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol

I voted like 15 times for Elliot last night. I sure hope he makes it to the next round. I LOVE his VOICE! Be sure to watch tonight!

Feeling slightly better

Well I missed two days of work this week. I am back today with lots of penicillin in my body. I have a major sinus infection. My head felt like it would explode Sat night. My doc couldn't see me until yesterday. I'm just able to be here but still pretty hoarse.

I did get to speak with RM this morning...he was in a perky mood and just plain handsome!

One of my teaching buddies wants to set me up with a gentleman friend of hers. I'm not sure simply cause I have seen her hubby and I was a bit taken back. They are hippies and in their 50's. She's sweet for thinking about me ...but he's older....52. I don't know much about him, and figured she was being sweet....or another teacher she works with mentioned me. I fell odd about asking because she and I have never had a close friendship. We'll see. Right now I would scare anyone away because of my voice.

I gotta feel better and soon~~~send thoughts and prayers.
Oh one more prayer a friends father is at Martin Army hospital and had kidney failure...say a prayer.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Sick day....

Your True Sign Is Cancer
CozyMoodyRomanticTraditionalUltra-SensitiveUnable to Let GoThe Most Loving EverIntuitive and Imaginative

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Kirk Cameron

Friday, May 05, 2006


If only life and the selction of people we have as friends would be this easy.......

My city

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you need to go where everybody knows your name, and their always glad you came.....

Nails and .......

I'm STILL not happy with my nail growth right now...I took off those gel nails 6 weeks ago. Several of my nails are still peeling and are weak. I wish they would speed up in growth and thickness. I always had pretty stong nails but one of my middle fingers would break and the rest of the hand would look crappy. I need to file and paint some nail hardener on them.

I am still frustrated with men. I need to accept that I will be a lovable cat lady. I'll work another 20 years and hopefully have enough saved that I will be able to retire comfortably. I'll have a church family and my sister.


Well, it's teacher appreciation week and the PTSA brought us a breakfast spread today. It was nice. I really wish Hannah was here for this~ Can ya'll tell I am missing her? I told her I knew things would change once Olivia got here and they have....they really have. I know the work it takes for a newborn baby. I know of the overwhelming love she is feeling for her baby girl. I am being totally selfish, but sad nonetheless.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


It's Thursday and a few more days before I have some time off. I am looking forward to a break...My kids at school are working on a novel and it isn't as funny as the last one written by the same author~ Christopher Paul Curtis. He seems to really have a way with kids and their sense of humor.

Have I told you how I miss Hannah at work yet?

Any one here have acid reflux or regualr heartburn? Do you do anything differently besides Tums?

I am still debating some musical issues (concerts I want to attend) this weekend and next but both are out of town and at least a 5 hour drive..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


How many of you here would actually get some type of plastic surgery? If you would, what would you be more likely to try? Complete face lift? liposuction? brow lift? double chin removed? tummy tuck? collegen? lip injections?

Be honest*
Send your thoughts.


Well, yesterday my aunt and I ventured out to a local Christian book store The Mustard Seed (they are not closing---just relocating) and to a few other shopping spots. Well, on our adventure she took me to see a potential dates home. He is a widow. His wife was in the car in front of him as they were driving back from her mothers funeral and was hit head on by another car and was killed instantly. He's been solo for 2 years now. I would have been devastated.

Well~ as we turned the corner and she was pointing out his house and I saw the drive way he had just closed the door of what ever he was driving and looked right at me. My aunt squealed like she was 12 year old girl and made me step on the gas. She told him she had someone she wanted him to go out with if he wasn't dating anyone. He said he would be happy too. Well until yesterday I had only seen a pic~We are both left wondering if he saw her and figured it out....

When my mom called last night she was in a sad mood. She talked to my aunt (they are sisters) and was seemingly upset that my aunt and I spend time together and she was feeling left out. So today I am feeling guilty, and sent her 2 dozen red, white and pink carnations to say I love you!

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This world will be scary in a few years when I look at some of the trash I deal with...I just left a meeting where mom already has a one of her kids in jail, but yet It is our fault the teachers that we are ruining her child. Yes, he has failed for the year and will be on someone else's red wagon next year.

Certain people in this world simply put should not be ALLOWED to REPRODUCE!


My buddy B went to see a psychic yesterday. I wasn't in the room so I am not sure what was said on his part. But...the few things he did tell me were on the money. She told him he talks too much and to be patient on love. He definitely talks too much in the sense he gives various people way too much info. And he is pursuing a relationship that is not going to work unless he just wants to be used.

What are ya'lls feelings on psychics??? Crazy? Funny? A waste of money?

Monday, May 01, 2006


Foods to help you feel full and not overeat:

  1. Pine nuts or try Almonds
  2. Spicy foods help speed metabolism
  3. Apples pack alot of fiber
  4. low-fat milk--non fat yougart
  5. Green leaves (cabbage, celery, lettuce) 2 cups


I don't think that the Good Lord gave me much patience. So will you telepathacially send me more. I am an eager beaver at moments...well today, I want to call my Country fella and talk to him. Yes, I want to check on him but I also want to just hear his voice. I'd like to make plans with him this weekend, but I want him to come up with the idea and not me.

15 more days with these students....17 more for teachers....SO how many hours????

I need HELP arranging my blog. I wanna add a photo album of rock and roll pictures...
I also want to add some N'awlins links....on the Hannah's..I'd also like to change the template to something other than what the blogspot offers.....See I NEED HELP!