Thursday, July 03, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Yes, I am.

College --a Educational Research class is killing me. Although the Professor is quite the cutie! That helps when you are stuck in a 6 hour course.....and he knows the hubby...and he may be someone I want to work for in the next year...

Less than a month and I am back at work. YIKES

I have an obsession with several of the purses in the Sex & the City movie. I want one--a real CHANEL. I've been shopping on line. I joined Bag Borrow...the site mentioned in the movie...Can I say I am in love with the idea but not with their prices. I'd rather buy a new one...yes, I am talking several thousand...but it would be mine *all mine**

Good news for now for my mom. Her doc did a CT scan and found a suspicious spot on her right lung. We have been praying feverishly and he told her today...there is nothing to worry about right now, go back and see him in 3 months. They had given her basically 2 ideas:
1. It is lung cancer
2. it is scar tissue starting to form after her breast cancer surgery
Thank you Jesus.. I am on my hands and knees right now thanking him we did not here the word cancer again...keep her in your prayers.

Sorry to my regular blog buddies, I have been busy and neglecting all of you. I just need some sporadic time to sleep, shop, pray and work on college course work. Besides, I am still adjusting to having another person in the house 24/7. It's been a learning experience..and a patience pusher. I love him though! We are coming up on 3 months July 12....

Peace to you and yours!