Thursday, July 03, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Yes, I am.

College --a Educational Research class is killing me. Although the Professor is quite the cutie! That helps when you are stuck in a 6 hour course.....and he knows the hubby...and he may be someone I want to work for in the next year...

Less than a month and I am back at work. YIKES

I have an obsession with several of the purses in the Sex & the City movie. I want one--a real CHANEL. I've been shopping on line. I joined Bag Borrow...the site mentioned in the movie...Can I say I am in love with the idea but not with their prices. I'd rather buy a new one...yes, I am talking several thousand...but it would be mine *all mine**

Good news for now for my mom. Her doc did a CT scan and found a suspicious spot on her right lung. We have been praying feverishly and he told her today...there is nothing to worry about right now, go back and see him in 3 months. They had given her basically 2 ideas:
1. It is lung cancer
2. it is scar tissue starting to form after her breast cancer surgery
Thank you Jesus.. I am on my hands and knees right now thanking him we did not here the word cancer again...keep her in your prayers.

Sorry to my regular blog buddies, I have been busy and neglecting all of you. I just need some sporadic time to sleep, shop, pray and work on college course work. Besides, I am still adjusting to having another person in the house 24/7. It's been a learning experience..and a patience pusher. I love him though! We are coming up on 3 months July 12....

Peace to you and yours!


Mick said...

Hi Rebecca,
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your Mum, hope everything works out.

I'm sure the courses you are doing will soon be paying dividends with your career.

Take Care
Mick x

angelfish24 said...

yeah, neglecting all of us blogging buddies....whah. Just kidding. You got a lot on your plate now and hope you are enjoying your newlywed status....

Chris H said...

Hey chick, how are you? Still too busy to blog I see! I hope all is well with you and especally your Mom.