Monday, June 23, 2008


I feel obligated to blog...however the last few weeks have not been full of free time. Today was really busy for me. My new step daughters are here with us. We spent the day together...We had pizza for lunch, went to the mall, drove over to my aunt's house to say hellO. We went to see daddy at work....they are at the neighborhood swimming pool right now with daddy. I'm taking a quiet break and need to get to work on college classwork. As I have classes Wed and Thursday....this summer course work is killing me. I want quiet time, sleeping in late and lots and LOTS of money.

We did get a new flat screen tv for the bedroom. We have a 46inch in the living room. So we boight a 40 inch for the master bedroom. We have it hooked up but we need a new HD reciever for the bedrom from Direct TV.

How in the hell is my summer 1/2 OVER ????????

Wish me calm tranquility~ and the ability NOT to shop. I have soooo much to pay for still. I have run wild for the last few months and my credit cards are paying for it and my interest rates are sharing a rapid heart beat as they accrue interest.

Much love


Chris H said...

No shopping! You poor poor girl! I feel for ya I really do! I just spent 5 days shopping in Melbourne, Australia.. it was BLISS. Sorry!

angelfish24 said...

ok, here's some tough love....quit spending!!!! You don't want all that debt.....believe me I know as I've had the same problem but now I've paid off some of the debt and really curbed my spending.
I'm not even getting aummer due to work/interning, yuck!!! Well later in August I will get in some free time.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Well looks to me like you are both used to spending when you want and how ever much you want.... maybe time to sit down with a finance adviser and do a BUDGET!!! yes a nasty nasty word...