Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, I t has been quite awhile since my last post. A little over 7 months now. I guess we all get so busy with our daily routines that we let go of our outlets. I need to come back to this outlet because it was good for me to express my thoughts.

I have missed several of you. I will come around and check to see if you are still thriving in blogger world or if you too have let day to day activities/jobs/duties take over as well.

Well, I spent five years at my current teaching job. Today, I cleaned out my room and turned over my keys. I have many emotions. ....

I have several people that I will miss dearly...several of which I will keep in touch with over the years.

Some were very very sweet to me today. One in particular came to me of the coaches. He and I haven't spent much time working together, he is a retired principal that teaches history now. He came and wished me well, shared his sweet words with me and hugged me goodbye. He was so thoughtful. I was moved.

On the other co-workers aren't much for goodbye. We went out last night and celebrated ione of my assistant principals getting married. We had a ball. I organized about 15 staff members and put it together. I was thrilled in how it turned out.

I have always been one who resists change and I am a bit nervous about moving to a new school in August. So start praying for me please!!!!


Mick said...

Welcome back to blog world Rebecca many of us will have missed your posts.

As for moving on in your job, don't worry it'll work out fine, just an opportunity to make many new friends.

M xx